Bringing you the first ever before they were famous photos of the Real Housewives of Atlanta!

Above are photos of a younger tanner but still wigtastic Kim Zolciak and on the right is the one and only Linnethia Leakes, also known as The Nene!

Below are more awesome old-school/before they were stars shots of Phaedra Parks and her very big hair, Kandi Burruss before and during her Xscape days, plus Cynthia Bailey in her early modeling days! Enjoy!

Photos source – Bravotv



A younger Phaedra Parks!


Phaedra Parks
as a high school cheerleader


Nene Leakes as a young diva!


The Nene in her schooldays


Another shot of a young Nene Leakes


Nene again!


One more shot of a young Nene Leakes!


A younger Nene Leakes with husband Gregg Leakes on their wedding day!



Nene Leakes’ headshot taken during her brief stint in acting.


A young Cynthia Bailey!


A shot of Cynthia Bailey during her early modeling days!


Cynthia in her teens


Kandi Burruss in her schooldays!


Kandi Burruss as a young cheerleader!


Kandi Burruss with Mariah Carey!


Kandi with her former Xscape bandmate TamekaTiny” Cottle.


A pregnant Kandi with her mom Joyce.


A young Kim Zolciak!


A young Kim Zolciak with her parents and brother


Kim Zolciak in her high school days!


Kim Zolciak with her parents again!


Another shot of Kim


Kim Zolciak’s infamous high school yearbook photo!


A parting before shot with Kim Zolciak!

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