All together now… who cares?! Once upon a time, Kendra Wilkinson was fun on The Girls Next Door. Now, it seems as if all she talks about is either getting into shape or getting pregnant again. She’s been hinting towards trying for a second baby with hubby Hank Baskett since ten minutes after she popped out the first kid. How old is Hank Jr. now? Four? Five?

Goodness, he’s only two! Anyway, Kendra is talking babies again.

Being a celebrity and all, Kendra was caught buying two home pregnancy tests last month, and the news spread quickly. The tests were negative, obviously. But, after thinking she was pregnant, the idea of having another baby is fresh in Kendra’s mind again.


“I did think I was pregnant because I was feeling a little crazy,” Kendra says. “When I found out I wasn’t, it gave me another boost. In another way, I was a little bit bummed. I kind of wanted a positive.”

First things first, Kendra wants to get her new lingerie and sex toy company, Love Candy, off to a good start. “I do have my Love Candy line coming out. After that launches, that’s when we’ll start planning baby number two,” Kendra shares. “We’re going to start trying in a couple months.”

I’ll just be over here in my corner of the world forgetting Kendra exists until the next almost official announcement. Which reminds me…

You know what Kendra (and the rest of the world) isn’t talking about? Her new show – Kendra on Top.

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