Kasey “Guard & Protect” Kahl, former beau of ultimate famewhore Vienna Girardi has been arrested. Officially. In January Kasey was arrested but not charged after beating up a man and a woman outside of a California club. At the time police didn’t believe there was enough evidence to charge Kasey with the crimes and released him.

Well, now the Bachelor Pad alum has been officially charged with multiple felonies related to the attacks – and police believe he was under the influence of paint thinner at the time of the incident! Seriously?

Last week a judge issued a warrant for Kasey’s arrest for four felony charges –  two counts of felony assault, one count of battery with serious bodily injury and one count of public intoxication. Kasey, aged 29, (who also appeared on The Bachelorette) was booked in an Orange County jail.


If convicted on all four counts, Kasey faces up to eight years in prison. Kasey has no previous convictions. Think of all the prison tattoos he could amass in eight years. And all the singles he could serenade big housemates with! Oh – and the spinoff possibilities.

Anyway, back to the story at hand – TMZ reports that legal documents reveal that Kasey is suspected of being intoxicated with a combination of alcohol and a drug called toluene – an inhalant associated with paint thinner.


Kasey allegedly severely beat a man named Richard Cheney outside of Club Habano in Fresno, CA. Following that episode Kasey reportedly bashed Richard’s girlfriend in the face.

Kasey’s reps claim he is innocent and believe Richard and his girlfriend intentionally antagonized Kasey in an attempt to get their “15 minutes of fame.” Well – they’re a little too late as Kasey’s 15 minutes ended about 20 minutes ago.

Kasey has since been released from jail and denies all the charges, claiming he was NOT under the influence of paint thinners and did not assault a woman. His ex-girlfriend Vienna has previously accused Kasey (via the tabloids) of being physically abusive.

“I’ve never even smoked marijuana,” he tells TMZ, revealing that he never took a blood alcohol test when he was initially arrested back in January. Kasey insists he was punched first and was only defending himself. He is due back in court next month.

[Photo Credit: Credit: Orange County, CA Sheriff’s Department]




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