Aaaahhh… last night the bitchery on Project Runway was at an all-time high. Apparently the producers think we want that – we don’t. We want high-quality interesting fashions. We didn’t get that. We got meltdowns of epic proportions instead. And one delightful Dmitry who is slowly warming my ice cold Reality TV fashion blogging heart. Marry me you Russian dancing boy stud with the deadpan stare.

So last night the designers had to divide into two teams and create a “capsule collection” of work wear for Marie Claire Work – which is apparently a magazine? Is that like the magazines Ramona Singer appeared on the cover of? AKA: no one has heard of them and you can get them for free next to the trashcans outside of the 7-11? Anyway, yay! Product promotions!

So Gunnar (crazy skunk head loony boy with drama coursing through his veins like a fiery will) and Raoul (already eliminated once and back with a desperate vengeance) are picked last. Cue the meltdowns. Shockingly it was Elena, Dmitry‘s former Soviet Bloc comrade, who suffered from the biggest bitchery fit last night.


Oh, lawdy that girl has issues that need to be quelled. She should calm down by drowning her insanity in some vodka cause she was yelling, hollering, and carrying on more than usual last night. “I hey-ate teamz,” she glowered. Ok, well teamz hey-ate you too. And you know what I hey-ate? A grown woman wearing overalls and neon yellow slip-on shoes carrying on like a five year old who was told NO CANDY!

Girl, put your big girl panties on and stoppit with the shenanigans before Heidi gets all bitchress German Fraulein on your ass and reprimands you with an auf. Dang, Elena (aka psychotica) is rapidly becoming a contender for ultimate reality TV villains!

The other troublesome thing about last night is what these people think real people wear to work. I mean, I like to bust out my hoochie wear to go to the office (which thankfully happens to be my living room), but people that work in an actual office probably aren’t wearing flying  monkey costumes, shortie skirts, and awkwardly sewn white chiffon pants. And if they are, I need to stop working from home!

So, yeah, that’s all a long way to describe that last night was a disaster. BTW: JoAnna Coles of Marie Claire classic was the guest judge. So let’s get to a-trashin’ the looks.

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Team Elena So Crazee (aka Team 6): They won – barely. Melissa had the winning look and Raul was sent home for being boring. Surprisingly, during judging no one but Dmitry and Raul called Elena out on her horrifying behavior. I think they were scared of her. I am.

Team Chiffonee (aka Team 5): This team had some serious issues with matronly materials and styles!

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