Last night on Project Runway, I don't know what the heck happened. There were bake sales and sign waving, begging on street corners, and tye-dying t-shirts, and hawking things, and ring-around the teams. And lots of bickering. That happened too. Ugh… please, too much going on – just sew already! 

It was all around cuckoo. Everyone was divided into three teams of three. Can we please get this Elena on some anti-anxiety drugs. Or at least some Ramona Singer Pinot Grigio or something. 

Team One was Team Maximum Manic Pixie Drama, aka Christopher, Sonjia, and Gunnar. Team Two was Team Maximum Former Soviet Bloc Face-Off, aka Elena, Alicia, and my poor besieged Dmitry. Team Three was Team Delusions of Grandeur, aka Ven. And Melissa Ven. And Fabio Ven. 


So – who thinks those teams were magically staged by the producers for maximum drama? I must give Sonjia props, she got those two bickering bitch queens in line, kept them focused, and didn't put-up with any cockfighting malarky. As for Elena, even Paxil couldn't keep her ass in line. Poor Dmitry was having flashbacks to Soviet work camps where he was forced to dance, dance, dance for his country. More szeequens nahwow! Aaahh… the negativity of Hell-ena! 

So, all the money they made hawking t-shirts was the budget. They had to make two outfits for fall and one must contain outerwear. Cue sleeve-induced meltdowns. Oh, whoops… wrong season! 

Anyway, let's trash some looks. 

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Sadly it was Alicia's turn to go. Her lack of confidence and her lack of stand-out designs finally underwhelmed the judges enough to send her packing. Ven, Fabio, and Melissa should consider themselves very lucky that the judges were already over Alicia before the runway show even started. 

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