You know that old saying never mix business with pleasure? Well, here's another case of it being totally true!

Jeff Lewis and his production company are suing his longtime assistant and close friend Jenni Pulos! Jeff is alleging that Jenni is in breech of confidentiality over a book the reality star is writing about her experiences working for a tough boss. 

Jenni, one of a colorful and fantastic casts of characters that makes Flipping Out one of Bravo's best shows, apparently signed a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement in 2008 and in 2010 while working for Jeff and appearing on the show. According to a suit Jeff (who is also one of the producers of FO) learned that Jenni was writing a book about her experiences working for him titled, Hang In There, Baby: What One Of The World’s Most Difficult Bosses Taught Me About life, Work And Love.

Jeff says he discovered what the book was about while searching for it on the internet. 


Deadline reports the suit alleges that upon learning the title Jeff issued a cease and desist to Jenni and her agents, but Jenni told Jeff the book was not about him. She then shortened the title to Hang In There, Baby and made it a book about handling difficult situations. The book is slated for release in August 20, 2013. 

Jeff was still unhappy and requested a copy of the manuscript from Jenni, but she told him her agents advised against it.  Jeff then decided to file suit barring publication of the book. 

Jeff is not only seeking damages and court costs, but  “a preliminary and permanent injunction” against Jenni or any of her representatives from “publishing any and all facts and/or references to events … related in any manner to personal, private, proprietary and confidential information” during her employment. 

I have to say this is really disappointing, but I am not totally surprised. Although I've always been an enormous Jeff fan it's pretty apparent he tries to stifle Jenni's outside career aspirations. He's also a control freak.

I hope the two of them are able to work this out without it damaging their relationship too much – unless, of course, the damage is already done. I wonder if Jenni is still working with Jeff right now?

A copy of the suit is available at Deadline. 

[Photo Credit: Mitchell Haaseth/Bravo]

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