Casting speculation over Real Housewives of New Jersey has been rampant lately. Who's in, who's out, who's new, who's possibly returning after being dead for seasons soap opera style. Several sources have promised all the originals will be coming back, but that some new "friends" of Teresa Giudice are joining the cast!

The newest name to be tossed into the ring is Jennifer Dalton. Jennifer is a real estate agent at Sotheby's and is married to a prominent (and uber wealthy) New Jersey real estate developer and is reportedly a friend of both Teresa and Dina Manzo. She attended Teresa's Fabellini launch last season. 

Jennifer has already been vetted by Bravo and appeared on Pregnant in Heels last season. And just who attended her baby shower which was filmed for the show? None other than Teresa and Kim D!


In other fun Jennifer news her BFF is Lil' Kim, who also made an appearance on Pregnant in Heels at Jennifer's totally over-the-top, Jersey-rific baby shower. 

Adding to speculation that she's going to be filming a catchy opening liner and joining the cast, Jennifer attended a Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief fundraiser this weekend where Teresa was also in attendance. Jennifer posted a series of photos on her twitter page – and is announcing herself as the new RHONJ!

Judging by Jennifer's fashion choices I can tell she's definitely friends with Teresa! 

Our RHONJ source tells us that Jennifer is a serious contender to join the cast, but right now Bravo is keeping all the new ladies in the "Friends of Housewives" category until they decide which one to promote. 

Some photos of Jennifer are below. 

Moving on, our source tells us EXCLUSIVELY that Melissa Gorga has gone plastic surgery crazy in recent months. It seems Kathy Wakile isn't the only person who got a nose job!

"Melissa is so consumed with herself," our source shares. "She has had a nose job, cheek fillers, lip fillers, and God knows what else."

Of course our source insists Melissa won't admit to any of the procedures – nor will she admit the fame has gone to her head! "She will deny everything except her lips. Melissa has changed and not for the better. She has an arrogance that is hard to stomach." 

As for Teresa and Melissa's relationship, our source says Teresa is over it. "Teresa is just doing her thing and not concerned at all about her brother anymore. She is done 'trying.'"

Indeed, Teresa hasn't spoken out about her brother or sister-in-law as of late. Teresa, The Gorgas, and The Wakiles all attended the Hurricane Sandy Relief Fundraiser this weekend (where Jennifer was photographed) and it was the first time they have all been in the same room together since the reunion. The event was filmed by Bravo.

Apparently the family members did not speak or interact, but kept to separate sides of the rooms with separate groups. Elvira Grau, Teresa's friend and party planner, planned the event and supposedly there was little drama. Allegedly! 

Updated:  Because I'm now obsessed with figuring out if Melissa had work done, I've spent the last few hours downloading and zooming in and analyzing pictures of Melissa from the past few months.  I am attaching one of the best side-by-sides I could do with what was available.  The pic on the left is from July and the pic on the right is from last night.  I honestly don't see anything different with Melissa's nose.  Her face looked different somehow, but I think she got a darker spray tan and her eye shadow is darker than usual.  What do you think? 


[Photo Credits: Jennifer Dalton's Twitter]


"Great night! Housewives of NJ season 5!!!!" What is she wearing?

Jennifer spotted with Melissa & Joe Gorga and Richie Wakile, along with Elvira. 

Another shot of Jennifer and Teresa! 

Meet Jennifer!

Jennifer and her husband

Jennifer with her husband and daughter. 

Melissa from her recent trip to Jamaica – allegedly post more surgery. Thoughts? Another new nose? [Credit: Melissa’s Twitter]

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