A&E is doing the happy dance this week as its smash hit reality series, Duck Dynasty, became its most-watched show ever on Wednesday night.  The Robertson family's season 2 Christmas-themed finale drew in a staggering 6.5 million viewers! 

A&E's president says the reason viewers are connecting with Uncle Si, Phil, Willie, Jase and the rest of the Robertson clan is because “Duck Dynasty represents the best of A&E’s unique brand of storytelling, showcasing authentic and engaging characters.”


I watched the show once and was hooked and now I watch it faithfully every week.  Some of the hijinx is obviously set up, but it's so funny and light-hearted that I don't care.  I thought it would be over-the-top with the high-maintenance-looking wives and the camouflage-clad men, but they are genuinely good hearted people (with some of the most respectful kids you'll ever lay eyes on!) who make for hilarious TV.  It's a nice little break from some other shows that shall remain nameless.

Congrats to them on their ratings win! 


Photo Credit: A&E

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