Big Rich Atlanta - Season 1

The city of Atlanta may be large, but the reality TV circle in Atlanta is a small, small world!  It turns out that new series Big Rich Atlanta has some curious ties to our beloved Real Housewives of Atlanta, and more specifically to former cast member Kim Zolciak.

The first link is between BRA star Ashlee Wilson-Hawn, a former pageant queen, singer, model and philanthropist.  During filming of the premiere season of Big Rich Atlanta, Ashlee got into a physical fight with her co-star Kahdijiha Rowe and led to Ashlee quitting the show. (We don't think it was a long lived exit, but more on that down the road). 


The attack reportedly left Ashlee shaken and determined to start an awareness campaign against violence and hate, which was inspired by her "dear friend" Cori Davenport (the two met through Ashlee's now ex-husband).  If y'all remember, Cori was a friend of Kim Z. on seasons 1 and 2 of RHOA.  You know, that time Kim skipped out on her charity event

Ashlee explained how Cori played an important role in her new endeavor, "Recently, I launched MY very own Philanthropy to raise awareness for Violence and Hate after I was brutally attacked by my costar while shooting a "scene" for Big Rich Atlanta. I have never witnessed violence or hate of this magnitude! After the struggle I went through to regain my strength following being so brutally violated; I was inspired by my dear friend and Philanthropist, Cori Davenport, to launch my Philanthropy to raise awareness against Violence & Hate! Cori wrote the slogan "Express yourself with your words, not your hands" This slogan will be used all over the world to inspire a movement against violence and hate. I plan to spend much time in 2013 developing this brainchild and new passion that is helping me heal and regain what was taken from me that October night when I was physically attacked."

Rumor has it Cori will be making a few appearances on upcoming episodes of Big Rich Atlanta

The second link between Ashlee and Kim is a complete rumor, so take it with a grain of salt.  Reportedly Ashlee has dated at some point or another ….drum roll, please….Big Poppa!  We're still unclear as to when this tryst/date/fling/whatever-it-was supposedly took place since Ashlee was celebrating her divorce on the opening episode of B.R.A.  If it is true, can you imagine the tea she has on Kim?

UPDATE:  Well, we knew the Big Poppa dirt might be too delish to be true.  According to Ashlee, her boyfriend Zach (who we'll see on the show) is the only person she has dated since her divorce.  Interesting tidbit about Zach that will be revealed on the first episode – he was also dating Ashlee's co-star Meagan at the same time for a short bit.  Oh the drama never ends!  

RHOA connections aside, a few more tidbits worth noting about Ashlee:

  • In her younger years of singing and dancing, she performed for the President of the United States
  • Crowned Miss Georgia Teen at 16
  • Was runner up in Miss Teen All American (Halle Berry won the title the year Ashlee was born)
  • Awarded the Simper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence from the United States Marine Corp
  • Click here to hear one of her pageant interviews from back in 2006

So girl can actually sing and you know we're going to have another reality star single to add to our "collection" any day now.


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Photo Credits: Twitter and John Russo/Style

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