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There is apparently never a dull moment when you are a cast member of Real Housewives of New Jersey! And there seems to be no shortage of enemies and people from Melissa Gorga's past threatening to expose her at any moment. Is this how CIA agents feel, too?

The latest person claiming to have salacious details about Melissa's pre-Poison Gorga life is her ex-boyfriend "Bryan". Going by the twitter handle @bulldog_nj, he is coming out of the woodwork promising to drop an "atomic bomb" that will expose her lying and double-dealing to get on the show and make a name for herself. 

Of course we've heard this all before; a person or group promising they have proof that will expose Melissa but it's never come to any fruition – including alleged proof from Danielle Staub. BTW: It's still on the fence if Danielle will be staging a return this season to unveil that so-called evidence! Perhaps that will all change with new producers in charge of the show this year!


Bulldog claims Melissa married Joe for money and was involved with him when she started seeing Joe! He accuses Melissa of being "desperate to keep her fake image & fake fame," promising he has proof of things she's said and done to him that he is willing to reveal. 

“I remember the Friday nite u said 2me stop seeing other girls or I will marry that millionaire.3 months Lata you were married Lol," he accused.


Melissa, her old nose, and Bryan in happier times. [Photo Credit: Twitter via our source]

According to RadarOnline, Bryan is threatening to take his scoop to the public, tweeting: “Time and a place for everything just know the phone call was an atomic bomb and not for me tick tick tick lol.” 

Bryan insists his fury started with a phone call from Melissa threatening him to zip it. 

“So I get the phone call today that she says she’s not worried about me making it on the show because my tumor is back and I will be dead. They’re hoping I will just go away ‘NOW’ or like she said, Die from my tumor. We’ll I’m not and I am ALIVE TODAY! Never wake a sleeping Giant!" he tweeted last week. 

Bryan claims he has been contacted about exposing Melissa since the first season she appeared on RHONJ. "Maybe if u go on realty TV you should not act as if this were a movie and hurt people doing it. I guess it’s coming out after a year of dealing with this BS that I tried so hard to avoid. I turned people away & changed my number 3 times.”

“Her definition of Jesus is $, that’s why she always says, Thank u Jesus. sad,” Bryan says slamming Melissa! “Funny how all the plotting yas do is behind closed doors and very quietly public now. Hmmm funny… Still 10 steps ahead.”

Melissa's sister Kim, shuts down Bryan's allegations!  “@kimpirella @Bulldog_nj-Get the hell off twitter and call me. I think you must be losing your freaking mind. What happened to you!”

“talk about obsession we all know how obsessed your sis [Melissa] was with me," Bryan responded to Kim. "Hiding in bushes, running me over with a car, going through my parents mail!” Um… Fatal Attraction much, Melis?

Our source gives us the scoop on Melissa's relationship with Bryan. "They dated for many years. She was obsessed with him," our source confirms. "She was in touch with him when she was engaged and even after she was married. He is  one of the reasons Teresa [Giudice] was leery about Melissa's marriage to her brother." 

In a final twist, our source tells us Melissa worked out with a trainer named Tarryn Dietterle last season. Tayrrn owns Bulldog Fitness in NJ. "She was training her 3 times per week," our source says. "Now, Melissa claims otherwise. She wants to take credit so her 'workout' dvd does well."

Melissa's ex-boyfriend goes by the name bulldog_nj, he's a trainer and boxer, and Melissa's ex-personal trainer owns Bulldog Fitness. Interesting correlation to say the least. Am I becoming a conspiracy nut?

You know, I want to give Melissa the benefit of the doubt, but I have to wonder WHY are there so many people always threatening to expose her past and the "truth" about her? Is she just the recipient of bad luck and serious jealousy – or is there something to these allegations?

Our source warns that Melissa's behavior is getting out of hand and the level she'll go to for fame is becoming ferocious, which may be prompting even more people from her past to come forward! 

"Melissa is making enemies faster than friends these days. She is obsessed with herself, fame, and constantly 'acting,'" our source shares. "Melissa used to talk about Teresa and say she thinks who [does she think] she is and she needs to come back down to earth. Meanwhile, Melissa has been more effected by 'fame' than Teresa."

"Melissa is really living her life as an 'act,'" our source insists. "She pretends to have the perfect marriage, she pretends she is so into working out and fitness, and the sad thing is she is starting to believe her own lies and doesn't know when to cut the act!" 

"[She] and Joe portray such a fake marriage. Clearly, it is so they will sell books. But, to those who know them well, can't stand it." Melissa tweeted about her marriage this weekend, writing: "I have the most amazing husband in the world #unbreakable." 

In addition, Melissa claims she wants peace in her family, but continues to find herself in the middle of drama. Hmmm… coincidence? This week Melissa was spotted hanging out with rumored new Housewife (and Teresa ally!) Jennifer Dalton! Jennifer tweeted a photo of them together.

On Saturday the entire RHONJ gang minus the Manzos and the Giudices got together for dinner. A photo of the group is below. 

Teresa, meanwhile, spent the weekend celebrating daughter Milania's seventh birthday. They had a family party (with the Giudices), went snow tubing, and then celebrated again during the Super Bowl yesterday. Oh, they also made "800 lbs of sausage!" #vom Some photos are below. 

And finally, a little rumor is circulating. Just a wee one… That rumor is that Kathy Wakile has not been asked back as a full-time "official" Housewife and instead has been demoted to a "Friend of the Housewives" with a pay cut!

Richie Wakile's twitter seems to hint at some animosity towards RHONJ. 

Well, well… this would be interesting dontcha think! 

[Photo Credits: Credit: Andres Otero/ & Twitter]


Jennifer and Melissa undoubtedly filming for RHONJ together. [Credit: Jennifer’s Instagram]
rhonj-saturday-night-dinnerSaturday night dinner RHONJ style! [Credit: Melissa’s instagram]
teresa-sausage1It's Giudice sausage day. C-ring optional. 
teresa-sausage2Pete and the girls! Or Juicy has started wearing glasses.
milania-birthday1Happy 7th Birthday Miania! 
milania-birthday2The family snow tubing together. 
Super Bowl/ Birthday celebration with the Giudice family! 




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