After this week's Big Rich Atlanta episode, Ashlee Wilson-Hawn took to her Facebook page to apologize to her "tv fans" for the "trashy violent mess" that happened between her and Kahdijiha Rowe.

"To all of my friends, family, and now tv fans I want to publicly & sincerely apologize for the trashy violent mess on television. It's embarrassing & utterly sickening to see violence being promoted on television. It was NOT what I signed up for, nor what I stand for, and certainly not what I expected to be a victim of ever in my life," Ashlee wrote. "Please accept my apology for this behavior and contributing to tearing down our society by being a part of such shenanigans."

Kahdijiha's aunt Sabrina Brie Rowe tweeted to Ashlee, "The only crime here was U got into a fight that you started #NotAttacked" and "My family believes 100% in nonviolence as well! If someone touch U first & being racist it's call defending yourself #DONE!"

I agree. Ashlee picked a fight… insulting her, poking her, grabbing her… and then cried victim when Kahdijiha reacted. The only "trashy violent mess" I saw is the one pictured above. 


Ashlee continued, "My pledge to you will be to use this awful incident to raise awareness against violence in America as the five minutes you saw on tv tonight could never depict the hell that 'went down' that night or what I have had to go through to overcome to horror of being violated to that magnitude."

When a "fan" called Ashlee a "bully of them all with no regards or filter" of what comes out of her mouth, Ashlee was quick to remind us that Kahdijiha started it by disrespecting her cupcakes.

Photos Of Ashlee Wilson-Hawn’s Injuries!

"How gross to destroy the decor and then try to kick me out of my party," Ashlee countered. "I can't say what was or was NOT edited out of the show but I will say this…That was not the first time miss Kahdijiah had shown signs of violence towards me and I will add that that was only the 4th or 5th time I had seen this woman in my life." 

Is anyone believing this? If Kahdijiha has a tendency to be violent, why would anyone repeatedly invite her into their life? MMMKAY, Ashlee is either a liar or stupid.

Ashlee took a break from filming Big Rich Atlanta following the altercation with Kahdijiha. When asked why she decided to return, she answered, "A lot of strength and plus I knew most of the cast (as you will see them speaking in ignorance on coming weeks) didn't know I was injured cause Kahdijiah was saying her side and I was silent on medical leave completely distraught!" 

Is The Style Network On Kahdijiha's Side?

Ashlee goes and goes more than the Energizer Bunny… "I will never be the same! Being a victim of violence of that magnitude on national television is horrendous!!! Ripping my clothes off, hitting me in the face, and ripping my hair out!!! Wow, I could have just stayed home and away from this violence!"

Oh honey, it's not too late to stay home. Please do. 

Ashlee reminds me so much of Leslie Birkland from Big Rich Texas. The Style Network needs to lock Ashlee and Leslie in a house together and let us watch. They can call it Big Rich Crazy… Big Rich Delusions… Big Rich Fake Police Reports… the possibilities are endless!  Pass. The. Popcorn. 


Photo credit: Style Network

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