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If you think the Satin Queen of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is as fabulous as I do, then you'll be glued to your televisions to watch Lisa Vanderpumpupthejam compete on Dancing with the Stars.  As the first star from the Bravo franchise to dance on the show, Lisa no doubt has a fan base capable of keeping her on the show for the long haul.

Not surprisingly, Lisa is approaching the reality competition like she does everything else in her life…with hard work and her biting wit.  Oh, and Giggy of course!  She'll be dancing with new pro Gleb Savchenko, and from the looks of things, Lisa is fierce as ever!


In an interview with TV Guide, Lisa dishes on her excitement and her nerves when it comes to working it in the ballroom.  She also talks about the support she's received from her co-stars and being starstruck herself at the other competitors.  Check out an excerpt from her chat below!

How's everything going?

Everything is harder than I can imagine. It's a challenge. Who knows what will happen at this point?! [Laughs] Everything is out of my comfort zone because I've never done any of this before. But Gleb is wonderful. He has a great sense of humor and we're having a lot of fun.

How would you rate yourself so far?

It's not even on a scale! [Laughs] It needs a lot of work before it's on any scale!

Are you sure you're not being too hard on yourself?

I'm not! Everything is out of my comfort zone because I've never done any of this before. The steps, the counting, the posture, the choreography — and doing them all at the same time! I'm hoping I'll be more used to it as the show goes on if we don't get eliminated.

You're the first Real Housewife to do Dancing. Have they asked you before?

This is the first season they've asked me. I just think it's such a fabulous, glamorous show. I'm excited to do it. We'll see how far my dancing will take me. I thought about it for about 30 seconds [after they asked me] and thought, "Oh, that sounds like so much fun. I've got to do it." I think the things that are worth doing are the most difficult. It looks difficult, but however I do, I'm just happy to enjoy this experience.

Do you feel pressure to do well, especially with Gleb being a new pro?

I feel pressure from all directions. If I fail miserably, I'm a great mother, wife and businesswoman and a bad dancer! So what? [Laughs] We'll see. I'll give it my best shot. I have the most talented, gorgeous, kindest dancer on the planet and we're working hard.


Who are you keeping an eye on?

All of them! Dorothy Hamill is amazing. She's such a lovely woman. That's one of the best parts of this — you meet these amazing people.

Have you heard from your fellow Housewives since you joined?

Yes. I've heard from Brandi [Glanville]. Kyle [Richards] sent me a text. We filmed the reunion, so we discussed it then. And you can probably guess who's not supportive.

Even if they don't, Giggy must make an appearance.

[Laughs] He doesn't have any dancing shoes yet, but I'm sure I'll get him something!

Gracious Lisa is so glamorous I feel like I should have a piece of hay sticking out of my mouth as I type this…maybe I need invest in more tiny dogs and jewel tones!


[Photo Credit: Twitter]

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