While Kody Brown's hair may be my most favorite thing ever, the whole concept of Sister Wives is a bit off-putting.  Perhaps if the women weren't so whiny, I could see why they'd all want to spend time together, but, alas, that isn't the case.  However, I do enjoy the episodes that showcase the family's teenagers.

These kids are smart, mature, and seem to think for themselves.  While Logan is Kody's mini-me, Janelle's daughter Madison totally speaks her mind.  They didn't ask to be brought into this lifestyle.  Being a teenager is hard enough, but being a teenager with three extra moms, a bed-hopping dad, and a gajillion half siblings–I can't imagine!

However, in Sunday's episode, Meri's daughter Mariah reveals that she wouldn't want her life any other way, and the seventeen-year-old is looking forward to the day when she has her own sister wives.  


Leo the Lion Kody has often said on the show that he wants his children to make their own choices when it comes to polygamy.  However, many of the wives secretly hope that their kids will follow their example.  Well, we now know at least one is!  

Mariah, one of Kody's seventeen children, revealed this week that she intends to be a part of a plural marriage.  She states, "There's a stereotype that polygamous women don't go to college and don't get an education.  That's not me, because I want an education and I want to become a doctor — but I also want to live plural marriage."

Her mother Meri explains, "Kody's always said that you should not live plural marriage unless you feel the call to it — you don't just do it just to try it out. I completely agree with him on that. And I think that Mariah has had that calling. She just feels that."

On the episode, Christine's daughter Mykelti jokes that she foresees Mariah's future family having four wives and twenty-three kids.  Madison balks at this number.  Last season, she made it perfectly clear that she wouldn't be following in her parents' plural footsteps, admitting, "I would not be able to share my husband like that."  I can't say I blame you, Madison!


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