If there's one thing that's certain about Real Housewives of Miami it's that Adriana de Moura and Joanna Krupa do not like each other. Nope! 

Last week the two former enemies tepidly agreed to be civil, but clearly the peace won't last. With dueling weddings on the horizon the two attention whores ladies are about to out bridezilla each other. Oh goody! 

Adriana, whose wedding was accused of being a big ol' Bravo-manufactured publicity stunt, is slamming Joanna's wedding as tacky and over the top. 

“I think I had the most heartfelt, true to the feelings, family oriented, religious ceremony,” Adriana insists Hollywood Life. “I think she had a new, rich type of wedding… where everything is over the top."



Despite despising Joanna's taste in weddings (OK – that dress was really, really bad…), Adriana claims the two are "friendly" but definitely "not friends." Adriana explains, "I tried to like her, but it seems every time she has a chance to put me down and make herself look better, she does it."

Moving on, Joanna says this season is very tricky with the twisting alliances and shifting friendships. 

"A lot of friendships fall apart that you thought were strong, like Lea [Black]'s and Adriana's," Joanna tells Us Weekly. "A lot of lies and betrayals."

Lea, to her credit, warns that the lies will be "exposed" and she is not threatened because she is armed with the truth! "I'm not bringing it up, but if you bring it up, don't expect me not to tell the truth about it," Lea warns. "And if you get exposed in the process, that's not my problem, because you started it with me."

Tonight is an all new episode of RHOM. Lea and Adriana sit down to discuss their friendship (the two are still on the outs) after Lea discovers that Adriana has been married to Frederic for 5 years and has been lying about it. 

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