BOBS from Skechers Summer Soiree

Good lord – in reality TV world a divorce last longer than a marriage! The latest couple who can never resolve their differences whether in holy matrimony or bitter divorce is Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars finalized their divorce last year and despite contentious arguing and unfounded abuse claims finally came to a 50/50 custody agreement. However, some of the particulars are still being debated. Adrienne and Paul's 11-year-old son Gavin has been the subject of the latest family court drama. 

Gavin reportedly has "some learning and attention issues" so Adrienne and Paul were arguing about where he should attend school. Adrienne, says TMZ, wanted him to continue in his regular school yet receive special attention. But Paul preferred to send him to a school that specialized in learning disabilities. 


Apparently Adrienne got her way because Paul dropped his claim and Gavin will continue in the school he's been attending! Paul was also seeking  to have Adrienne pay his attorney fees and he elected to drop that pursuit as well. 

Another thing Paul is letting go of: his lawsuit against Chef Bernie Guzman. If you recall Bernie leaked photos of Adrienne showcasing so-called spousal abuse at the hands of Paul. It was a pretty ridiculous claim and Paul accused Bernie of blatantly lying, slandering his reputation, and attempted extortion so he sued. Well, apparently Paul is over it and dropped the suit.

You know what, the less Maloof-manipulations in your life the better Paul, the better. It's probably a good thing to just let go, move on, and date that 20-something former Ms. Universe contestant! 

Oh in other Adrienne news she's hawking some more product. Last night she attended the Summer Soiree at Skybar to shove Zing Vodka (ironically endorsed by Chris Brown!) in our faces.

Speaking of faces, girlfriend's is looking wonkier than usual. What new work did she have done?! Joan Rivers called and she wants her face back, A

BOBS from Skechers Summer Soiree

Gaaahhh— I'm a'scairt! 

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