Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump Spotted having dinner with a few friends

Well, lookee here – it seems like Lisa Vanderpump will be getting "the bad edit" this season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

Apparently Lisa and on-screen BFF Brandi Glanville had a falling out while the cast was filming a recent trip in Puerto Rico. Now I'm pretty sure it's possible to get annoyed with Brandi – she often puts her foot in her mouth and sometimes her drinking gets a leeeetle out of control. However, sources say that Lisa has fallen out with everyone – even Yolanda Foster – over allegations of back stabbing! Brandi reportedly backed up Yolanda's side of things! 

Brandi tweeted that the two had a "hiccup" in their friendship yet all seemed well when they filmed at Villa Blanca earlier this week. Or is it! “Brandi and Lisa looked really uncomfortable in each other’s presence,” a source shared with Radar Online. “They put on smiles for the cameras, but it was all for show. You could cut the tension with a knife.”


Reportedly Brandi brought a cushion with her in the form of friend Jennifer Gimenez (rumor has it Jennifer is desperately trying to get cast on RHOBH!) because she "didn't want to be alone with Lisa." The source says they barely spoke during the event. 


So what caused the friendship meltdown? “Brandi revealed that Lisa had told her to take magazine articles about Kyle Richards’ hubby Mauricio Umansky cheating on her on a trip the ladies took several weeks earlier to Palm Springs,” a source revealed. 

Brandi's reveal had some unlikely consequences – she and Kyle have become much closer! They are now legitimately friends since "the Puerto Rico incident." 

“The two have been spending time together," a source revealed. “Brandi felt bad for her role in going after Kyle about her husband allegedly cheating on her. She had gone through hell when her hubby, Eddie [Cibrian] hooked up with LeAnn [Rimes] while they were still married. Kyle has been very receptive to Brandi.”

Unfortunately Lisa and Kyle had been "attempting to mend fences" before the trip but Brandi's reveal was "a slap in the face" to Kyle and put an end to reconciliation. “She has since stopped talking to Lisa because she is just so disappointed in her one-time friend.”

Interestingly, neither Brandi or Lisa have been denying Radar's stories on twitter – which they are usually quick to do! We all know Radar is Camp Kyle/Adrienne (and sometimes Brandi!). Instead Brandi posted this odious tweet: 

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 3.00.00 PMIf you notice, Lisa was not included! Hmmm… hmmm… 

Now here's my two cents; this is either complete producer manipulation and the girls are playacting of a rift for ratings. Or this is producer manipulation in that they are telling Brandi one thing, Lisa another, Kyle a different, Yolanda something else (which the producers do aallll the time) to create tension and drama.

OR something really did happen, but I have a feeling it didn't go down exactly as portrayed. To me the above stories seem like a Kyle/Brandi leak. Similarly Radar posted stories about Kyle being bullied a couple months ago. Somethin' in the milk ain't clean…  We'll keep you posted if anything emerges! 

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