Earlier this week it was reported that one of Kim Richards' children was seen wandering naked around her neighborhood and was retained on a 5150 Mental Health assessment hold. We opted not to report on the matter since it seemed private and personal – and because Kim's children are not generally featured on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

All that may soon change! Kim is reportedly planning to feature the mental health breakdown as a storyline this season. Kim's alcoholism has played prominently into the show for the past three seasons so evidently she's decided nothing is too real for reality TV!  

Kim, a mother of four adult children, has not revealed which of her kids is experiencing the issues. “The child will most likely be identified, but not featured on the show,” a production source told Radar Online. 


“Viewers will see tender moments between Kim and her sister Kyle [Richards], as she supports her during this difficult time," the insider adds. "Kim is handling the situation well and has stepped up big time. She is absolutely committed to getting her child help, while maintaining her ongoing sobriety.”

Despite the difficult situation – the incident occurred in July – Kim has not compromised her sobriety. “The urge to relapse had Kyle worried about Kim,” the insider shares. 

The insider insists Kim's motives are pure. “Kim now wants to raise awareness about mental health issues, including depression and bi-polar disorder and will probably go public with how it has impacted her family.” Kim's child is continuing to receive outpatient care and is getting better with time. 

Hmmm…well, I'm torn about this. On one note I wish reality TV were more about reality and less about fabricated feuds and nonsense storylines. BUT on the flipside, given what reality TV has become, merging real reality with this heavily production-manipulated platform does not seem safe or beneficial.

I personally would instead take a hiatus from filming to focus on my child's well-being, but many reports state Kim is desperate for money and to recapture some of her former glory as a child star, so I guess she's never leaving RHOBH. It's a shame because this seems too deeply personal for the show, but I suppose if Kim was willing to let her own addiction issues take a forefront, this probably wouldn't be off-limits either! 

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