Shahs Of Sunset - Season 3

What a difference a few months make on Shahs of Sunset. Last season, Lilly Ghalichi was Asa Soltan Rahmati and Reza Farahan‘s new favorite friend, but now her self-righteous co-stars say she needs to be “more real” and to “get off her high horse”. 

Last week, Lilly confronted Asa, wanting to know why she didn’t speak up in her favor when Mercedes “MJ” Javid claimed nobody on Shahs of Sunset is her friend.  Asa took to her Bravo blog to share, “MJ actually said, ‘These people were my friends FIRST,’ which is the truth and doesn’t need defending.”

“Second Lilly and MJ were exchanging catty remarks, and I don’t see how this is anybody’s business but theirs,” added Asa. “How are you going to have a fight with someone and then blame the other people?  I really wish Lilly would get more real about things.” That’s rich coming from the Persian Pop Priestess (which means what exactly?) who manufacturers Diamond Water (which does what better than regular water exactly?).


Asa concluded, “I apologized to Lilly because I did not want her to be hurt by my actions, however, I expect the same type of respect and accountability for her actions. To be honest, it’s difficult to be friends with someone who is always condescending and thinks they are better than everybody else.” 

If you think Asa sounds a bit hypocritical, wait until you read what Reza wrote.

Reza, the guy who wanted to skin Lilly and wear her as a coat last season, blogged, “I love that a woman who’s called Persian Barbie keeps referencing the word fake. She rolled into town with her fake lashes looking for connections and instead of selling her a house, which is why I started a relationship with her, she weaseled her way into my circle.”

About Lilly declaring she doesn’t need fake friends,  Reza claimed,  “I’m not sure who the fake people are in her life, because she ONLY surrounds herself with hired friends. The only people she hangs out with outside of my crew are hired. That includes her hairdresser, makeup artist, clothing designer, and the employees that help her with her bathing suits and lashes.”

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“If you’re so unhappy with us, then bounce,” Reza said to Lilly. “You’ve made ZERO effort to form friendships with any of us. All you do is talk about the fact that you’re an attorney, you don’t drink, and that your brother is a doctor. We’re thrilled for you! Get off your high horse, actually, stay on it and gallop away. I’m sick of hearing about what you don’t like about me and my friends. You even blame the crew and I for the disgusting things that come out of your mouth. AND the only time you include us in anything is when you’re using us to hock your wares.”

Reza signed off with a “Did he really just say that?!?” of epic proportions: “I’m actually less upset about what she has to say about me and more upset about her talking sh-t about my friends.”  Wow!  Revisionist history by Bravo! 

Tonight on Shahs of Sunset, we’ll see MJ and Vida spending time together, as well as Asa trying to explain Diamond Water to her parents. Also, Reza acts like an ass when Adam brings home a new neighbor, who is gay and Persian. Later a heated exchange between Reza and the neighbor at a club shocks everyone. According to Bravo, Reza storms out of the club with MJ in tow, and Mike is left behind to pick up the pieces. 

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