After a week long hiatus Real Housewives of Atlanta returns to cut into my all-important Olympic figure skating time. Luckily I am positive the crazy will not disappoint. 

We left off with the ladies and their sig-figs in a massive brawl at a "couples therapy" flaunt your lingerie party hosted by NeNe Leakes. Speaking of which, NeNe discussed her dating life during the 6 seconds she was "divorced" from re-husband Gregg Leakes

“I think everything is resolved but we’re just like any other married couple, we still have our own little personal issues," NeNe revealed to Access Hollywood. "There’s things that I love about Gregg and he loves about me, there’s also things I don’t like about him that he probably doesn’t like about me!” 


“This is love, this is real. We’re grown adults,” NeNe added. “This is my partner for life.” Gregg agrees, "I just love her, she’s my wife.”

NeNe claims it was trying to date other people that made her realize she belonged with Gregg. "When we were apart I dated and I was just like, ‘Uh uh this is not going to work.’ We’re a great balance for each other, he challenges me and we’re great for each other.”  

Well, I guess alls well that ends well. Speaking of not ending well, tonight the brawl culminates with Kandi Burruss taking on Peter Thomas over accusations she made about his scandalous past (past? Doesn't she mean "present!"). 

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting all the drama so make sure to join us! 

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