Private Lives of Nashville Wives is struggling to show the ritzy exclusive lives of the wives of country music royalty while maintaining its humility. Cassie Chapman, the spitfire former Hooters waitress who is married to Christian singer Gary Chapman, opened up about adoption, her history, and what makes Nashville Wives a different kind of reality show. 

Cassie is 23-years-younger than Gary, but says the couple is deeply in love. "I got on my computer and Googled his name, all of a sudden I said 'Dear God, what am I gonna tell my dad, He's 23 years older than me,'" Cassie says of meeting Gary, previously married to fellow-Christian superstar Amy Grant. 

The couple never planned to get married, but fate intervened. "His father was dying of Parkinson's and neither one of us were going to get married or have kids," Cassie shared with "He rolled over one morning and said, 'How would you feel if my father blessed our union?'" The couple got hitched at the courthouse. Gary's father passed shortly after and that was his last act as a preacher. 


Since they never officially had a real wedding, Cassie and Gary have renewed their vows three times – most recently in Vegas. "It was really intimate, my family wasn't even here," she says of tying the knot the first time. "It was in the basement of my house. That's why we've continued to get married."

Cassie reveals that shacking up with Gary, along with working at Hooters, caused many to question her Christianity.  But she does not let the critics bother her. 

Likewise, Cassie feels fate led them to reality TV. "I'd never really watched a 'housewife' show, and what I did see… Yeah, no," Cassie admits. "If it was God's will for us to use this platform to do his will, the doors would open; if it wasn't his will they would close. They just kept opening."

And Cassie has already used this platform to educate others on her struggle with infertility and the adoption of her daughter Eva Rose. "Sometimes adoption is taboo to talk about, but it's definitely a beautiful thing," Cassie volunteers. "Imagine being a new mother with a newborn baby, and a film crew. I was a wreck."

As for what she hopes the show will feature in the future – why a proper wedding between her and Gary, of course! "If we get another season, we're hoping for a Nashville wedding. My dad will walk me down the aisle," Cassie reveals. 

Cassie promises this season has plenty of drama and, while she hopes to stay above the fray, it's not always possible! "I don’t like to get into catty fights. But, if you push me, I can come back at you, and it is not going to be pretty."

[Photo Credit: TNT]

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