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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta was at the top of its game last night. From Benzino acknowledging that he’s a bit neck deprived to a fight that we didn’t get to see, peppered with some of the best one-liners we’ve heard in a while. It was awesome.

The episode starts with Kalennaand Ashley tearing it up at the strip club. Of course it does. Kalenna has been shirking her recording duties, but Ashley’s getting super possessive about Kalenna focusing on anything other than her. Ashley has even stolen Kalenna’s phone so her husband can’t contact her. When Ashley finally allows Kalenna to call Tony, she’s over their fun times. Kalenna needs to get back in the studio. Also focusing on her career is Tammy Rivera who is hosting a fashion presentation to celebrate the launch of her new clothing line. Both Rasheeda Frost and KarlieRedd are in attendance, and WakaFlocka Flame couldn’t be more proud of his fiancee. I so wish he got more air time! While we aren’t treated to many of her pieces, what I see I really like. Tammy even agrees to elope with Waka instead of having a big wedding. 


Lil’ Scrappy is meeting with Erica Pinkett because he’s realized that he can’t “be friends” with her if he wants work on his relationship with Bambi. Erica questions why Scrap continues to sext her, but he just insinuates that she’s crazy for saving all his messages. Wait what? I expected more from you, Scrappy! He admits that he may flirt with her jokingly sometimes when he’s “in his feelings,” but he knows better to mess with a crazy person. Scrappy then tells Erica that she broke his confidence by bringing up Bambi’s miscarriage at his birthday. Aren’t they supposed to be friends? As the two proceed to get into a screaming match in the bar, the screen suddenly goes dark. When the scene resumes, the production crew is pulling Scrappy out the door while he yells, and Erica sits down to take off her heels. Not surprisingly, the dozen or so patrons in the bar don’t look the least bit fazed. I am disappointed in Scrap if he went after Erica physically, and I wonder why Mona has decided to start shielding us from the brawls.

Stevie J. is hoping to get on Joseline Hernandez’ good side by joining her on the tennis court. He’s been sleeping in his man cave since Joseline has accused him of cheating. She knows he’ll never admit it, and she shocks Stevie by saying that Althea did the same thing she did–she slept with Stevie to further her career. He goes in for a kiss, but she decides to use him as target practice for tennis balls. Joseline is appalled that Stevie would go out for Hamburger Helper when he’s got filet mignon at home. Best. Line. Ever.

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At his doctor’s office, Benzino is getting his wounds checked out and describing the shooting. He’s certainly healed miraculously having been shot mere days earlier…or three months depending on when the re-shoots (film, not guns) occurred. I have to hand it to Mona. She’s hired some big names for this reality show. Call me crazy, but isn’t that Jared from the Subway commercials posing as ‘Zino’s doctor? 😉 As the two go over Benzino’s x-rays, the Zeen jokes about how he can actually see his neck bone, dispelling all the naysayers that have taken to calling him “No Neck.” Look who has jokes! Thankfully, all of the bullets missed ‘Zino’s spine and major organs. He has some nerve damage in his hand, but in the grand scheme of things, he’s incredibly fortunate.

Back at home with Althea, Benzino tells his lady that his doctor told him it would take him about four months to heal, which means he’s probably golden now. Althea questions why Stevie won’t admit to their one-night stand, and ‘Zino explains that his friend is likely fearful of a chair upside his head courtesy of the Puerto Rican Princess. Now that he has a new lease on life, he doesn’t care what happened. Benzino believes Althea (seriously, who would brag about riding the Stevie J. bus if it didn’t actually happen…come to think of it, why would anyone admit to riding it if they had?), but he’s fine if Stevie wants to play dumb for Joseline’s sake. Althea can’t stand the awkwardness and wants to clear the air. Everyone needs to be on the same page of the script.

Kalenna is ready to wave the white flag to Tony. He was right about her getting distracted by Ashley, and Tony is over his wife’s need for a side chick. They both decide to focus on working on Kalenna’s album so they can get their family back together. Say what? Kalenna casually mentions that they have a seven-year-old son who lives in Texas with her parents because living in a studio isn’t a good fit for a child. You don’t say! She want to get her career back on track to that her family can be whole again. Tony/Vic agrees. Do we know what his real name is for sure?

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After a quick trip to the courthouse, Tammy and Waka are husband and wife. The ceremony was much easier than telling her mom and Waka’s mom Deb. The ladies have prepping to plan a wedding. When they reveal their big news, Deb is at a loss for words, and Tammy’s mother is hurt that they weren’t able to be a part of their children’s special day. Deb feels like she was cheated out of the biggest day in Waka’s life, and she wonders why her son decided to elope so soon after his brother’s suicide. Deb is proud that she raised him to be a responsible adult, but she still isn’t happy at all about the situation.

Momma Dee has gotten the low down on her son’s altercation with Erica, and she’s horrified by Scrappy’s behavior. Dee reaches out to Erica, and Erica is upset about her friend turning against her. She is especially hurt because Scrap knows that she just got out of an abusive relationship. Erica can’t believe that he did treated her in the way he promised he never would. Momma Dee apologizes on her son’s behalf and promises Erica that he will never act that way towards her again.

Karlie takes Joseline to lunch to find out what is going on with Stevie now that the Althea kitty is out of the bag (literally?). Joseline thinks her husband is a giant liar, and she’s ready to head out of town to find some other men and women to tickle her fancy. She wonders why everyone assumes she’s so caught up in Stevie. She just does her. Speaking of third parties in marriages, Kalenna is breaking the news to Ashley that their extra curricular activities need to come to an end. Ashley’s feelings are hurt, and Kalenna hopes that Ashley will stay in her life as her best friend who keeps her hands to herself.

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Benzino has planned a romantic night for Althea that includes doing it on a Ferris wheel. How very Marky Mark of him (anyone remember Fear?)!  However, before they can knock the boots, Benzino gets down on one knee to propose. I hope they did pressure wash that cab after filming…


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