Cynthia gets her implants checked

Call me naive, but I had no idea that Cynthia Bailey had breast implants until the last Real Housewives of Atlanta episode when she had that super weird breast exam party with the entire cast in the doctor’s office. Sure, exploiting cosmetic procedures for a social occasion is nothing new for reality TV, but this was odd. Yet, the most significant scene for Cynthia’s storyline didn’t even have her in it. Yes, I’m talking about that emotional heart to heart between Cynthia‘s daughter Noelle Robinson and soon-to-be-ex-husband Peter Thomas.

Peter has been petty and nasty in the press, so I’m truthfully kind of surprised that Noelle wants to hang with him still, but she has known him for many years, so I guess that makes sense. In her blog, Cynthia shares how she felt about these two meeting up for a hot yoga session and that serious discussion about how to continue their own relationship.


Even though it’s a #TotalHousewifeMove to have a social event in a doctor’s office, I still find it strange that Cynthia had a breast exam party. She explained why she did in her blog/interview with Bravo.

Cynthia revealed, “Originally, I only planned to invite Kandi [Burruss] to my breast exam. In past conversations, she had expressed an interest about future breast augmentation. So, I thought that if I brought her with me, it would be a great opportunity for her to ask the doctor any questions that she might have.”

On why she ultimately chose to make it a group event, Cynthia admitted, “All the ladies have seen my breasts before anyway. So this was a great moment for them to touch them as well! They were excited, and it was a nice break from all the drama.”

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I mean, yeah, but they’ve only seen them by accident when they popped out in the middle of violent encounters. Plus having all of the Housewives in the room is a guarantee that a Cynthia-centered scene won’t get cut from the show. I have love for Cynthia, but it’s not as if she brings the most entertainment to the show.

Personally, I was moved by Noelle’s talk with Peter and I’m loving her more frequent appearances on the show. Cynthia shared her reaction to the scene: “The conversation between Noelle and Peter touched my heart. I cried watching them together. I didn’t expect to get so emotional. I was speechless.”

I didn’t cry, but I truly did think it was a sweet scene and it was honestly the best Peter has ever come off in this history of RHOA.


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