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It's the second installment of Manlow and Krayonce, and man, do I want this to be a spin-off, but in cartoon form! I don't want Marlo Hampton and Kenya Moore to get their own show per se, but how awesome would these two larger than life Real Housewives of Atlanta characters be when portrayed in Japanese anime? 

You know who thinks that would be a horrible idea? NeNe Leakes. She is perturbed by the very shady and very thirsty duo. In the Neenster's mind, Kenya and Marlo are just bit players trying to steal a star's thunder. Oh, the dramatic antics of the Peach State! If you caught Sunday's episode of RHOA, you know exactly to what I'm referring!


bethenny ramona

I was worried that Ramona Singer's divorce from husband Mario was going to put a kink in Turtle Time, but that doesn't appear to be the case. In fact, the Real Housewives of New York star doesn't seem the least bit phased by her situation. Perhaps Pinot really is a cure-all…at least that's what I'll tell myself!

The couple had been married for twenty-five years when Ramona filed for divorce after learning that Mario had allegedly gotten his mistress pregnant and paid for her to get an abortion. Ramona recently joined former RHONY co-star Bethenny Frankel on Bethenny's talk show to discuss how she's coping.


southern charm shep

Holy crap! Charleston is totally going to RavenHell in a hand basket courtesy of Bravo. So, since last week, pretty much all anyone in this town is talking about is how horrible (and somewhat addictive) Southern Charm is. Well, played Andy Cohen. You are a true evil genius. My Facebook newsfeed was filled with friends who were posting pictures of themselves with these yahoos, and I couldn't tell if they are star struck or legitimate friends with the cast of this show. Is one of those scenarios better than the other? 

Thomas Ravenel calls his father to talk about a chance meeting with Governor Nikki Haley at a Yankee fundraiser and implore him to start procreating to ensure the family's future. T-Rav reminds us that his dirty political consultant Will Folks wants him to pick the pedigreed Kathryn Dennis for a bride and child bearer (spoiler alert…she is about to have his child in "real time"), but at thirty years his junior (if you go by his birth certificate and not his Bravo bio), T-Rav is concerned that she may be too immature for him. Well, she did graduate from high school in 2009, but some snooping reveals that their burgeoning relationship is totally Facebook official. The pair even thanks "Sic Willie" for his matchmaking skills on T-Rav's page. Gag. That's a relief. T-Rav is traveling to Edisto to give a polo lesson to Shep's ex-girlfriend Danni, and he's great at skeeving me out by molesting her with his eyes and talking about how comfortable she looks in the saddle.


Bring on the parade of former child stars (I'm not complaining–The Wonder Years is my Netflix go-to!) and a loud housewife as we prepare for an eighteenth season of Dancing with the Stars. While all of the original judges will be returning, host Brooke Burke has been replaced with sports commentator Erin Andrews. Also returning? Dance pro (and eye candy) Maksim Chmerkovskiy! He reveals that he was actually invited back in a different capacity.

Also, Lisa Vanderpump paved the way for Bravo housewives on the dance competition, and she has some sound advice for competitor NeNe Leakes of Real Housewives of Atlanta. She knows that it takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to make it on the show, but Lisa promises NeNe that it's worth every minute!


Khloe Kardashian arriving at Loews Hollywood Hotel

The guest list for Kim Kardashian and the tiny rapper's intimate wedding may have just gotten smaller by two people. While the producers of Keeping up with the Kardashians want to film yet another of Kim's weddings for the show (they need a story line, y'all!), putting the hoopla affair on E! may cost Kanye West his desired best man. 

As Kim preps for her big day (shouldn't be too hard to plan for given that it's her third), sister Khloe Kardashian is strutting her stuff now that she's newly single. She sported the above outfit (is she going for hillbilly dominatrix?) while attending a Rick Ross concert. I guess she doesn't want to get lost in the shuffle, but I doubt that outfit will help Kim convince Beyonce that her wedding to Yeezy will be a classy affair!


juan pablo bachelor

I think Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis may be past the point of a simple "Bless his heart." He just needs to step quietly away from the roses and fade back into obscurity. And while he's at it, he should probably stop blaming all of his insensitive remarks on a language barrier.

On Friday, Juan Pablo retweeted (and then quickly deleted due to backlash) a follower's joke that made light of disabilities. In the aftermath, he told his detractors to "relax" and "try to be happy and enjoy jokes and sarcasm." I'm confused. Hasn't ol' JP blamed all of his cluelessness about sarcasm on his language barrier? It seems that ABC is as tired of this season's Bachelor as I am!


In Touch the sixth annual ICONS & IDOLS

From reality star to executive producer? Jenni "JWoww" Farley has come a long way since Jersey Shore? Who knew those crazy kids had such lofty aspirations in addition to fist pumping and a life of GTL? JWoww first followed in pal Snooki's fuzzy slipper clad footprints when she penned the "self-help" tome The Rules According to JWoww: Shore-Tested Secrets on Landing a Mint Guy, Staying Fresh to Death, and Kicking the Competition to the Curb, and now she's set her sights on the cinema.

Jenni is now taking her visions of orange meatballs and gorilla juiceheads to the big screen by serving as executive producer to the upcoming horror film Jersey Shore Massacre. Yes, really. 


“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” season 4 and “Vanderpump Rules” season 2 Cross-over premiere

I have to say that Carlton Gebbia's Bravo blog is the perfect storm of everything the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star likes to do: down tequila shots, hate on Kyle Richards, make digs at Joyce Giraud, and forge a better friendship with Lisa Vanderpump. I'm not always in Carlton's corner, but I do adore her take on Monday's episode. Besides calling out Mauricio Umansky and Michael Giraud for wanting to be the eighth and ninth housewives (preach!), she seems to have an even-keeled about her opinions…except when it comes to hating on Kyle, and that's pretty entertaining.

She begins, "Back to Puerto Rico…Kyle seems so hell bent on an apology from Lisa — for what? Is she seriously demanding this huge, blown-out-of-proportion apology from Lisa for allegedly saying 'take the tabloid' regarding Kyle's husbands alleged affair? Really, are you joking? Did you also demand that same apology from Brandi [Glanville] too? Just curious? Good God, give it a bloody rest."