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Kim Kardashian Leaving Mashu Salon

Do you have a ten-year plan? I do, and it involves a bestselling novel turned blockbuster movie starring Ryan Gosling…and a relationship with Ryan Gosling. Hey girl, it could happen!

Kim Kardashian also has hopes for where her life will be in a decade. Fear not, it will likely still be playing out in front of our eyes as I can't imagine this family has any plans to leave E! anytime soon. Kim recently revealed that she'd like to have two more children with Kanye West. Of course, the family will need an East and a South as siblings for baby North.



I believe that Kim Zolciak said it best (thanks to Kandi Burruss) when she belted out "Don't Be Tardy for the Party," but of course, NeNe Leakes isn't going to touch that line with ten-foot pole while complaining about her co-stars lack of consideration on Sunday's episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Instead, the Neenster comes up with a hilarious new nickname for Phaedra Parks. No, it's not the Head Doctor…that's so last week!  This week, NeNe has dubbed Phaedra the "mortician of manners" after showing up three hours late to leave for the girls' trip to Savannah. I think I would have left her donkey booty.


amina buddafly

I honestly find the crew from this season's Love & Hip Hop more and more amusing as the season continues.  It's not because the show is getting more ridiculous (although it is), but it's because the cast is speaking out about said ridiculousness. The more they try to explain it, the more hilarious the situation becomes.

First, Peter Gunz announced that he didn't like the way he came across as he played Tara Wallace and Amina Buddafly against one another. He's tired of living a double life, y'all! Next, Tara felt the need to "clarify" her reasons for sleeping with Peter after she found out he'd married Amina behind her back, thus causing her to stock up on Plan B. Now, Amina is adding her two cents, and it just keeps getting better! Did you know she'd never seen the show before agreeing to be on it? 



What happens when a Bravolebrity turned talk show host gets turned down at the door of hotspot TAO? Things get awkward. What happens when said talk show host then tries to strong arm the bouncer and limbo under the velvet rope to get into the nightclub anyway? The situation becomes cringe-worthy. What if TMZ paps catch it all on video? As you can imagine, it just becomes priceless.

Poor Bethenny Frankel was denied entrance at a party recently, and she didn't take too kindly to being shut out of the shindig. According to her peeps, she was on the list for a private party in New York City last week, but her name was inadvertently left off the guest list. What's a girl to do? Well, Bethenny tried to weasel her way in anyway. Did you expect anything less? 


sister wives

Score one for the Browns! I doubt Kody Brown has been this happy since he found Aqua Net on BOGO at the local Rite Aid! As you recall, the Sister Wives patriarch relocated his family from Lehi, Utah to Las Vegas, Nevada after their polygamous lifestyle became public. I guess that's what starring on a reality show will do for you! 

The family cited the move as a way to get away from Utah's anti-polygamist statute which had Kody and wives Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn fearing jail time. Kody and his wives challenged the law, and it has since been announced as unconstitutional by a federal court judge. Many states have anti-bigamy laws which do not permit people to enter into multiple marriage licenses, but Utah's law made multiple families cohabitating as one punishable with up to five years in prison.


Kris Jenner at Kardashian Khaos at the Mirage

Is there trouble in the ultimate fame whoring reality paradise? It seems that someone needs to learn how to behave.  Of course, by "behave" I mean that someone needs to stop comparing his creative genius to that of Steve Jobs and the difficulty of his stage performance to that of the effort men and women put forth while defending our country. Kanye West…a true gem.

Unfortunately for Kim Kardashian, pimp momager Kris Jenner is getting very tired her daughter's fiance's negative portrayal in the media. She's ready for the tiny rapping to stop with his ridiculous rants and get on board with the gravy train known as her family's brand. 


mob wives lipgloss

Well, they are definitely back! Last night's Mob Wives and me thinks the new girls need to learn the pecking order…and fast!

The episode begins as Renee Graziano is taking her shoe line to Alicia DiMichele Garafalo's boutique in hopes that people want to wear stilettos sporting a hand flipping the bird. Why not? The women chat nonchalantly about the upcoming charges facing Alicia's husband who happens to be Renee's lifelong friend. He's warned Alicia not to let Renee get in her into any drama. The women compare new tattoos and talk about Eddie's amazing qualities and his rap sheet…and now Alicia's thanks to her involvement with his business. 

Across town, Drita D'avanzo and Big Ang are partaking in pedis, massages, and gossip over newbie Natalie Guercio and her drunken lunch antics. They are concerned that Renee has gotten so close with someone who may be able to derail her sobriety. Drita then reveals that she has a stalker at her make-up salon who is scaring her employers. Mid-sentence, Renee texts Drita to see if the ladies will join her and Natalie for lunch the following day. Ang is super hesitant to relive another meal with Natalie. 


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Season 4

I'm not sure what it says about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that Kim Richards is most grounded and coherent participant this season. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled to see Kim so healthy (and hilarious!), but she seems to be the only one with any sort of sense. Discussing Monday's episode, Kim is quick to call out Brandi Glanville's deplorable behavior while noting that her friend no doubt regrets her actions. She also sympathizes with Joyce Giraud's attempts to host a nice weekend while dismissing Yolanda Foster and Lisa Vanderpump as rude. She's really kind of spot on with her entire assessment.

Taking to her Bravo blog, Kim begins, "Once we got settled in our rooms we headed straight to the pool. Right off the bat it just didn't feel right, and there was a lot of tension. The push for Joyce to take her sundress off! Look, in my opinion Joyce invited us all down to have a good time and to do whatever we wanted in a beautiful home. She had a chef to prepare nice dinners and planned activities, but the rest should be up to us. If you want to swim, then swim. If you want to take a walk, then take a walk. There should be no rules except to just come have a good time. I have hosted many trips in my life and just because it is my trip, doesn't mean I have to babysit. For instance, when I took my friends to Hawaii once, some people wanted to lie out while others wanted to shop or go marlin fishing. You can't be with everyone at the same time. I thought it was a little ridiculous for Yolanda to tell Joyce how to handle herself. I mean grow up!"