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Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!  I hope you are enjoying the day with family, friends, and a delicious feast!  Me? I'm thankful that last night was the season finale of Preachers of L.A. Just kidding! I've grown rather fond of the men and their first ladies, especially Jay Heazlip, Wayne Chaney, and Ron Gibson's one-liners. Did Noel Jones reconcile with Loretta? How was Deitrick Haddon's second (technically third) wedding? Was Clarence McClendon there? Read on!

The episode begins with Noel dining with Loretta at her restaurant, and she is all dolled up for the occasion. They reminisce about how they met sixteen years ago and how their relationship has grown along the way. Loretta shares the story of the sex toys on fire at Dominique's bridal shower. Noel isn't surprised that the "dil-daws" went up in flames. God isn't a fan of kinky.

Deitrick and his family are singing in anticipation of his upcoming nuptials. His father interrupts the choir practice to discuss how proud he is of his son and the ob-stickles he's faced. Deitrick's dad is a man of few words, but he likes Dominique and blesses their relationship. Deitrick apologizes to his father for asking Noel to officiate the ceremony. His dad did his first wedding, and he doesn't want a repeat of that situation. His father totally understands.



It's your daily dose of TMI straight from the mouths of babes…and by "babes" I mean "kids" or "young people" not "hot chicks" just so we're on the same page. Today's skin crawl-worthy update comes to us from the newly separated Courtney Stodden. Bless her heart. 

In a recent interview, the reality star (is that what we should call her?) and former child bride of Doug Hutchison opens up about what went south in her relationship. Apparently, the eighteen-old-started looking at him as less like a husband and more like a (I'm just going to say it) father-figure. Plus, she likes wild and crazy sex, and Dougie just couldn't keep up in his old age. Someone please pass the bleach.  There are some things the imagination just can't unsee. {Shudder}


Paris Hilton Leaves to China with her D J equipment

Well, if it isn't news from the original sex tape to reality star queen herself?  Or was it the other way around…reality star to sex tape? To be honest, it's been so long since Paris Hilton has been a fixture in the tabloid circuit, I can't even remember. These days her aunts Kyle and Kim Richards are more prominent in reality television gossip than the once over-exposed (in more ways than one!) heiress…although we all know how much Kyle loves to name-drop her niece at any given opportunity

Not that I'm complaining about Paris' hiatus.  Hats off to her for knowing when enough was getting to be enough. Too bad her former bestie Kim Kardashian kan't take the hint. Now Paris is once again answering questions about her leaked sexcape aptly named "One Night In Paris." Porn names are so clever.



Sometimes NeNe Leakes says the most ridiculous things, but her outlandish statements–a la "Close your legs to married men, WIG!"–are always spot on. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is nothing if not honest…well, at least when it comes to hilariously calling out her co-stars.

In her Bravo blog this week, NeNe wonders why Porsha Stewart did a total one-eighty in her feelings for soon-to-be-ex-husband Kordell. She also begs Kenya Moore, Phaedra Parks, and Apollo Nida to move on from their imaginary love triangle. And, of course, she phrases all of her advice in a way that only NeNe can!


love hip hop saigon erica

It was another drama fueled evening on last night's Love & Hip Hop. The men showed what true class acts they are with Saigon being physically restrained from going after his child's mother and Peter Gunz vowing to do whatever it takes to make sure he keeps both his wife and his girlfriend in his back pocket. At least Rich Dollaz remains his normal doormat self.  Thank goodness for small favors!

To get out her aggression, Tara Wallace turns to boxing with Yandy Smith at her cousin's gym. Let's hope he doesn't take any Instagrams of the ladies like last season! Tara shares her own Instagram gold mine where she found Amina Buddafly's videos of Peter. Three glasses of wine later and she's cutting up all of his belongings. Three glasses? I would have only needed three sips to wreak havoc on Peter's gross behind. Tara asks Yandy about the management situation with Amina, and she seems to understand that it's just business. If Yandy wants to sign Amina, Tara knows that it is what it is. However, Yandy doesn't want the mess that signing Amina brings, and she assures her friend that Amina will not be a part of her label.

Saigon wants to get to know Erica Jean better since, oh, you know, they have a CHILD together. He takes her on a painting date to learn more about his baby mama on a deeper level. They chat about how great being parents is, and I have to applaud them for remembering their lines because this is the most fake conversation ever. Paging Jane Seymour–these two are poised to be the next spokespeople for Kaye's Open Hearts Collection. Their kiss seems about as forced as their small talk.


mona love hip hop

Oh Mona Scott Young. I love you, but don't treat me like I'm an idiot. Don't get me wrong, I often am an idiot, but I certainly understand what you're trying to do with the Love & Hip Hop franchise…and it's a ratchet equals rating scenario. Don't act like it's anything deeper! 

In a recent interview with V103, Mona shares the phenomenon of the series, explaining, “You know, it’s so funny, people have this love/hate, LOVE/HATE relationship with Love & Hip Hop. They love the show, they love the drama; but then they’re mad at the drama and they don’t want to see the fighting. But then they want to see the fighting. It’s like a roller-coaster ride!” I hate to admit it, but she speaks the truth, doesn't she? Gah, Mona! You're killing me!



Real Housewives of Miami's Joanna Krupa truly is PETA's princess. Yesterday, the Polish model and reality star sent a letter to Poland Minister of National Defense Tomasz Siemoniak commending him for putting a stop to using animals in the military training of medical personal. Instead, modern human simulators will be replacing animals after almost 30,000 people signed a petition on PETA's website. Not surprisingly, studies show that medical providers trained on the life-like human simulators are better prepared than those who learned on dismembered animals. 

Poland now joins more than 80 percent of NATO countries that do not harm animals in the name of training. The U.S. has yet to make the switch. Of the news, Joanna states, "The U.S. is so progressive in so many ways, but in this instance, the Old Country has it beat. I am so proud of my homeland for taking such a strong stand against cruelty to animals."


brody jenner

Not only is Brody Jenner pretty much as good looking as they come, he also doesn't kiss arse when it comes to his soon-to-be-former step-mom's side of the family. While he's clearly very close to half-sister Kendall and Kylie Jenner as evidenced on Keeping up with the Kardashians, he doesn't hold his tongue when discussing pimp momager Kris Jenner and step-sister Kim Kardashian.

In fact, Brody reveals that he may not even be invited to Kim's wedding to tiny rapper Kanye West. Oh well, I guess he can watch it on television with the rest of the free world!