ABC Dancing in the Stars

First the Bachelorette, then the Bachelor, then Dancing with the Stars, then "I'm not looking for fame." Hmmm… one of these things is not like the others… one of these things just doesn't belong… 
Mr. Three Back-to-Back Reality Shows, aka Sean Lowe, is now crying about the fact that he can't go out with his buddies without being hounded by fans. Well, when you flaunt your rock-hard abs on TV every Monday night, these things are bound to happen. 
"I've always said that I'm not looking for fame," Sean said. "In fact, I don't like the fame aspect of being the Bachelor or being on Dancing With the Stars. I wish I could – you know, I can't go out in Dallas with my buddies anymore because I'm left taking pictures the whole night because people – you know, they recognize me and they want to take pictures." 

It's no secret to any of you that I adore Bachelor host Chris Harrison.  He's equal parts diplomatic, fatherly, and humorous.  He doesn't mince words.  He wears ties that could not be pulled off by the average gentleman.  In fact, the only complaint I've ever had about Mr. Harrison was his lapse in judgment when he went out with Justin Bieber's mom (more on her later!).  Chris is now speaking out Sean Lowe's engagement to Catherine Giudici and ABC's pick for Desiree Hartsock for the Bachelorette.  
Chris even expresses his disdain for Sean choosing to do Dancing with the Stars because he believes people will perceive him as being a "famewhore" who didn't do the Bachelor for the right reasons.  Remember what I said about him not mincing words?  Love it!  Meanwhile, The Biebs' mom Patti Mallette was live-tweeting all over the place during Monday night's broadcast…perhaps trying to pique the interest of a certain debonair host?