Amber Priddy

Oh Chad.  Chad, Chad, Chad, Chad, Chad.  I feel like I’m chastising one of my former first grade students, yet he’s a grown a$$ man.  Chad Ochocinco Johnson has gotten married and divorced within the period of a few months, head-butted his new bride Evelyn Lozada, got his new wedding spin-off cancelled, and was fired from the Miami Dolphins.  That’s a lot for a day’s work.  Now it seems he’s been just as busy trolling Twitter for mistresses.  I guess he’ll never learn.

Ol’ Ocho’s dirty laundry has been airing ever since he became the punchline for every tabloid and blogger from here to kingdom come.  Now it’s being reported that the former NFL star has had multiple affairs with women he’s met online.  He’s a classy one for sure!


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