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Aaaaahhhh… The Bethenny Frankel divorce saga rages on – and things are getting really heated over a certain skinnygirl luxury apartment!

It seems Bethenny, via her assistant Molly Hayden, is the sole owner of the pad which we saw her extensively renovating (to her own specifications and needs) on Bethenny Ever After. Guess this explains why Jason Hoppy was ousted out of a man cave!

Molly was Bethenny's assistant for two-years and Bethenny purchased the apartment in Molly's name via MYC Trust. Which means Jason could have little to no claim or stake in the property. Does anyone recall seeing Molly on any of Bethenny's shows?



I know you're all relieved to hear this, but Bethenny Frankel is suriving her split from Jason Hoppy.

You know, the split Bethenny wanted to keep amicable and out of the public eye by having insane divorce demands and talking about constantly!

"I'm doing sorta good and sometimes crappy,"  the former Bethenny Ever After star admits of separating from her husband of less than three years.



Bethenny Frankel thought her divorce would obviously be as whirlwind as her marriage, a 'yeah didn't work out' and go about their merry ways kind of deal. But she forgot about the Jason Hoppy part of the equation. And perhaps embarking on a media tour to pedal her marriage woes immediately after filing for divorce where she asked for full custody didn't help things!

In response to Bethenny's behavior, it seems Jason is furious – and he is not going to easily back down to her demands! Please don't give her ammunition for another book, Jason! I beg of you.  Source say the Bethenny Ever After star is shocked that Jason is fighting back – and she never expected him to raise a fuss.

"Bethenny thought she could just roll him over and get out with no hassle," a source close to Jason reveals. A new article by Us Weekly exposes their nasty divorce and Jason's determination to fight for both himself and Bryn



Ouch! The nasty-nasty divorce of Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy is apparently getting nastier by the minute. Yesterday Jason finally responded with his own divorce filing and requested the exact same things Bethenny did when she filed two weeks ago – that means both are fighting for full custody of their daughter Bryn

And apparently Jason is fed up with Bethenny's media pandering and retaliating by hitting her where it hurts the most by comparing her to her estranged mother Bernadette Birk

According to a source close to Bethenny, “Jason and Bethenny have been arguing incessantly and the divorce is definitely turning nasty."  


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Well it was only a matter of time – and we knew it was coming – but Jason Hoppy is staying silent no more! Did anyone else cheer?

Two weeks after Bethenny Frankel filed for divorce seeking primary custody, health insurance, and a life insurance policy before embarking on the woe-is-me-marriage-isn't-a-Disney-movie-publicity-tour, Jason has returned the favor. 

According to TMZ, Jason fired back by filing papers also seeking primary custody of two-year-old Bryn along with child support – and he is fighting fire with fire which basically means the easy-peasy peaceful divorce the Bethenny Ever After star has been sobbing about wanting to the media, isn't going to happen. 


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Bethenny Frankel is a busy girl – and not just running a Skinnygirl empire. She's apparently got lots o men to handle!

Days after it was reported that the divorcing Bethenny Ever After star had bailed on her recently renovated $5 M Tribeca apartment and moved in with billionaire new boyfriend Warren Lichtenstein, a new source claims she is still co-habitating with Jason Hoppy.

So that's gotta be awkward – do they have to schedule times in various areas of the house? 6am – Bethenny, kitchen… 

"Bethenny and Warren have been great friends for more than 20 years and he has really been a support system during this sad time," a source reveals to the Daily Mail. 



Days after filing for divorce from Jason Hoppy, the woe-is-me publicity tour begins for Bethenny Frankel. Who didn't see this one coming?! While Jason has remained mum about the details surrounding their separation, the Bethenny Ever After star who claims she's tired of living in the spotlight is disproving her point by beginning a torrent of media appearances. 

First up Bethenny's made-for-TV friend and talk show benefactress Ellen! Bethenny sat down with Ellen today where the 42-year-old bawled about marriage not being a fairy tale and fame letting her down. Get your tissues ready. #sarcasm! 

A weepy Bethenny announced that she feels like a failure for lasting a paltry three-years in her marriage. "I feel like a bit of a disappointment to all of you and I feel like a failure."

Most disappointing to Bethenny is the unfortunate realization that life is not a fairytale. "I really put it out there. I wanted the fairytale," she revealed. 


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Bethenny Frankel is using twitter as a medium to communicate with her fans in the wake of her divorce from Jason Hoppy. In lieu of doing interviews, she's letting "sources" and the media make claims that this was a very hard decision for her and that she is in despair over ending her marriage. 

One month after announcing her separation, she filed for divorce, and wasted no time in requesting full custody of daughter Bryn, child support, medical and dental insurance, and to be listed as a beneficiary on Jason's life insurance policy. 

When the media and the public got wind of her demands the blogs and internet erupted with comments. And apparently Bethenny, who made a business of plastering her life all over the place on Bethenny Ever After, is frustrated by the reactions she's getting. 

"I need a little break from unsolicited advice today. Let's all just lighten it up even if just for a few hours," she tweeted hours after the story broke. 


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