Bethenny Frankel Divorce


Remember when Bethenny Frankel was telling ever tabloid from here to Timbuktu that she didn't want to date and that her increasingly acrimonious divorce was destroying her? And then remember that during that same time she was spotted out on dates and on vacations with a billionaire named Warren Lichtenstein?

Well now Bethenny is suddenly dating someone. Isn't that convenient. She's trying a different angle on the 'I need attention' train, because at this point she needs to do anything to boost ratings for her lagging talk show! Yesterday Bethenny "accidentally" revealed on her show that yeah, she's kinda with someone again.

GG Gharachedaghi from Shahs of Sunset was the guest and they were doing a pre-taped segment. GG she was discussing her failed engagement when Bethenny slipped and spilled that she too has moved on following a traumatic breakup. Couldn't have been that traumatic as she recently revealed that she never loved Jason Hoppy all that much! 



Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy's divorce may just be the dirtiest reality TV has ever seen. Possibly… 

Amid their nasty court battle which centers around custody of their daughter Bryn, the former Bethenny Ever After stars have been told by a judge to stop illicitly recording each other in their shared home! Say, whaaaaa?!

Since they separated, Jason has reportedly been making secret audio and video recordings of Bethenny, their nanny, and her Skinnygirl staff. Oh yeah, she still 'runs her empire' out of their Tribeca loft. Riiiiigggght! Even more, a source tells TMZ that Jason has somehow procured access to Bethenny's email to further monitor her! Is Jason trying to get a job with the CIA? 



Aaaahhh… Bethenny Frankel! Since her talk show bethenny premiered this week, our favorite over-discloser is using the divorce woes with spinoff scheme ex-husband Jason Hoppy to generate some publicity. 

Speaking to People Magazine (print edition), Bethenny opens up about recovering from what she believed was 'Hoppily Ever After' in between begging us to watch her new show. 

"You never think you're going to be in these situations, and then suddenly you are," Bethenny says of the implosion of her brief marriage happening in front of TV cameras on Bethenny Ever After. Bethenny failed to mention Jason's name throughout the entire article, interestingly. Wonder if that gag order rumor was true?!

Bethenny admits that she she is soured on the idea of a fairy tale love story. "Part of my identity was always looking for a man. I always wanted to meet someone – to complete you, take care of you," Bethenny acknowledges of her history with men and with reality TV. 


Bethenny Frankel Out And About

I've been wondering why Bethenny Frankel had crawled out of her Skinnygirl hole lately and started doing a lot of press. Then I remembered she has a new self-help book and a talk show to promote! Of course… 

Since everyone wants to know about Bethenny's never-ending divorce to Jason Hoppy, she's doing what she does best and spilling her side of the story. I guess Jason was unsuccessful in securing that gag order… 

"I'm going through a brutal, brutal time," Bethenny shares with ABC about her divorce and custody dispute. "I'm definitely bruised."


Bethenny Frankel departs her apartment

Oh Bethenny Frankel, if only… if only you hadn't staged that big ol' reality TV wedding and spinoff then maybe your very public divorce to Jason Hoppy wouldn't be so brutal! 

With the couple battling in court over custody of their daughter Bryn and custody of their recently renovated apartment, Bethenny describes the divorce process as a daily struggle. "It's been hard," she admits to Life & Style.  “It’s been difficult to stay sane.”

One may argue that Bethenny has never been sane – part of her charm? – but the divorce process is putting her closer to the brink than ever! To escape she's been vacationing (and possibly canoodling) with a billionaire and putting all her focus on her new talk show, Bethenny


Bethenny Frankel On The Wendy Williams Show

If the name Warren Lichtenstein sounds familiar to you it's because he is the man Bethenny Frankel was accused of dating – and moving in with – a hot minute after filing for divorce from Jason Hoppy

Bethenny claims they're 'just friends' and insists she was never staying at his place to escape the war zone that is her apartment, but the two were spotted vacationing together in St. Tropez! 


Luxury Ladies Luncheon hosted by Jill Zari

Last time Jill Zarin was talking about Bethenny Frankel, she had nothing but bad things to spew!

She must have taken her sane pills though because the former Real Housewives of New York star, who is definitely one can short of a six-pack of Diet Coke, is now claiming Bethenny's divorce will work out for the best!

"I don't know if it's really that nasty," Jillusional told E! News. "I don't always believe that kind of press."

And she's positive despite allll the reported acrimony and custody disputes everything will be fine in the end! "They'll work it out," Jill declares. "They'll find a way and they'll work it out because they both love their daughter."

Does Jill have her spies over at Bethenny's house again is that how she's got an inside scoop? Hopefully she's right though and the two can put differences aside for Bryn! 

In other Jill news, she held a ladies lunch this weekend and invited all of her reality star friends – Kathy and Rich Wakile, Aviva Drescher, Luann de Lesseps and more – see the gallery below!


Bethenny Frankel With Daughter

Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy's divorce proceedings continue to heat up.  These two don't show any signs of working things out amicably anytime soon!

The latest snag in their custody battle over Bryn: Bethenny's new talk show 'bethenny'. Jason is reportedly demanding that Bryn be kept off the show in every and any way.  A source tells RadarOnline, “He doesn’t want Bethenny to have Bryn in the audience, or do pre-taped segments for the show. He just doesn’t feel that their daughter should be on display on Bethenny’s talk show.”