Bethenny Frankel not engaged


Bethenny Frankel is now confirming her definite return to Bravo’s hit show – The Real Housewives of New York City. She appeared on Watch What Happens a week ago and voiced her desire to return to the show.

“I’m definitely going to do the Housewives this season,” Bethenny confirmed to PEOPLE this week. “It’s been great … I love it. I understand we start filming [season 3] in September.”

Bethenny of course could not resist a chance to take a shot at rival, Kelly Bensimon, when asked if Kelly could rehabilitate her image on the new season. “Good luck with that. Am I helping? No.” said Bethenny. Gotta love her pure honesty.

The biggest news of all is Bethenny finally denied being engaged. We reported last week that she referred to her supposed fiance, Jason Hoppy, as her boyfriend. When asked by People, she denied being engaged but reaffirmed that they do plan on getting married one day. “You don’t see any ring,” she said.

Still not sure if it’s a good idea to keep publicly talking about your plan to marry someone who has yet to propose. That didn’t seem to work too well for Kim Kardashian but whatever floats Bethenny’s boat.


Bethenny Frankel made an appearance on Bravo’s new talk show – “Watch What Happens” last night as the call in guest. Bethenny denied rumors of getting her own reality show, as previously reported. When asked if she was leaving The Real Housewives of New York, she answered – “Of course I’m coming back! If you guys invite me back, I’ll be back.”

More importantly, and I’m not sure if anyone else caught this, but Bethenny referred to her supposed fiance, Jason Hoppy, as her boyfriend. When asked about the party planner incident, she said, “As my boyfriend said, the wheels came off.”

Does this mean Bethenny is not engaged after all? or did she just make an error when speaking?

It seems very unlikely that she would mistakenly refer to her fiance as her boyfriend. Come to think of it, Bethenny has never publicly confirmed being engaged. Her rep was the one who told news outlets that Jason and Bethenny would be “definitely getting married.”

So what do we have here? Bethenny is not getting her own reality show as reported, and is likely not engaged as well.