Buying Naked

buying naked tlc

Well, this shouldn't shock you. The network that has brought us such gems as Toddlers and Tiaras, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, and Breaking Amish (and don't think I don't DVR every last one of them!!) has totally outdone itself. The channel once known as The Learning Channel wants to teach you about nudists. That's right, y'all! Get ready for Buying Naked, TLC's sure to be latest hit.

The show follows a realtor in Pasco County, Florida which she hails as the nudist capital of the world with over a dozen communities where folks can let it all hang out…literally. She's the premiere saleswoman for nekkid homes, describing her clients as not wearing any pants, yet still having deep pockets.  I can't even. I mean. Yes. This is an actual thing. Thank you TLC. I have now officially seen everything…and I can't unsee the preview!

Be sure to check out a sneak peek of Buying Naked after the jump, but be forewarned…there are a lot of hairy bums (no blurring here!) and strategically placed garden hoses (true story) and margarita glasses. I wish I were making this up!