Casper Smart Gay

Some ugly rumors are spreading about Casper SmartJennifer Lopez‘s boy toy of seven months. A Hollywood nightclub Boulevard3 dancer is making claims on Twitter that Casper Smart is gay and only using the American Idol judge for her fame and fortune.

Well, if it’s on Twitter, it must be true, right?  (rolling my eyes)  You decide –

RadarOnline reports that dancer Joshua Lee Ayers, who worked with Smart in the 2010 dance movie “Step Up 3D,” insists Casper Smart is gay.  Ayers started his campaign in March, posting a photo of Smart wearing shiny gold shorts, a sparkly belt, silky scarf, and a deer hunter hat. (Funny, for me, the only thing that stands out here from someone in Hollywood is the deer hunter hat!  Maybe he’s secretly a hunter and keeping it from J Lo! Oh, the shame!)  Also, there’s something stuffed down the front of Smart’s shorts.  Ayers posted the photo with the caption: “Check out Ur boy… And his low key homo ways.”