Courtland Rogers Arrested

Jenelle Evans husband Courtland Rogers

Courtland Rogers, who is still legally married to Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, has been arrested. Again. I'm sure the Brunswick County Jail has a cell reserved for these Teen Mom idiots at this point. 

As we previously reported, an arrest warrant was issued for Courtland after he stole jewelry from Katie McMillan in February. Then he pawned it using his ID. The law caught up with Courtland over the weekend.


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So, there's shocking, "oh my God, I never saw that coming" reality television gossip, and then there's this. Because, believe me, you saw this coming and will in no way be the least bit shocked. Former Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans' former boyfriend Kieffer Delp was arrested. Again. You may remember him as the homeless dude who got the innocent Janelle hooked on Ke$ha heroin…and it was all captured by MTV's cameras.

This news is especially entertaining for me because a dear friend of mine texted me last week to see if he was missing out on any Kieffer gossip. This friend practices law in Brunswick County and was appointed to one of Kieffer's cases a while ago. Every once in a while he checks in to see if I have heard how his "old pal" is doing. So, this one is for you, buddy (although you likely knew it before I did)!


Jenelle Evans heads into court in Wilmington, NC with boyfriend Nathan Griffith

No more Teen Mom 2 notoriety for you Courtland Rogers! Upon returning to the real world you'll have to also return to being a nobody on twitter. But being a twitter superstar was so awesome… too bad it doesn't pay!

So back to the news, Courtland is getting out of jail today according to his sister and his new girlfriend. He struck a plea deal for time served because he agreed to just plead guilty to the charges.

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Upon his release Courtland looks forward to a sober life WITHOUT axis of crazy Jenelle Evans! Unfortunately the two were forced to come face-to-face in court yesterday morning! OK, so I'm not sure if they actually came into contact with each other but they were both there!



Courtland Rogers, the jailed husband of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, is looking forward to life after jail, err, Jenelle, err, jail. Um – same thing? Pretty much if you get mixed up with Jenelle Evans, you end up in jail, right? 

Courtland's sister Carson Rogers and her boyfriend Jim Yonkers have shared the details of their last jailhouse visit with Courtland with Reality Tea.

Sounds like Courtland is in good spirits. "I have not seen him smile that much since he was a kid and before he was on drugs," said Jim. "He has gained his weight back and looks so healthy." 



Courtland and Jenelle, sitting in a car, K-I-S-S-I-N-G; First comes marriage, then comes jail, then comes Courtland with a ridic defense; Courtland and Jenelle, sitting in a courtroom, B-L-A-M-I-N-G. 

These people! As you know, Courtland Rogers, the estranged husband of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, has been locked up since he and Jenelle were busted for heroin possession (for starters) in April. Like always, Jenelle played dumb, pointed her finger at her man, cried domestic abuse, posted bail, and walked out of jail, with Lucky Dusty beside her. 

Courtland's day in court is finally on the horizon, and according to an inside source, his entire defense relies on blaming the heroin on Jenelle.  Nearly three months in the slammer and that's the best he could do? 



Courtland Rogers, the forgotten about husband of Teen Mom 2 train wreck Jenelle Evans, has been arrested again. This time? Courtland managed to get himself arrested while already in jail. 

Jenelle really knows how to pick 'em, doesn't she? 

Courtland has been in jail since April 23, when he was arrested and charged with heroin possession, domestic violence, and probation violations. Jenelle was arrested the same day. But poor Courtland doesn't have bail money.



As we all know, Jenelle Evans was arrested for heroin possession and assault on Tuesday, and the week just keeps getting worse for the Teen Mom 2 star. 

Jenelle and Courtland Rogers have been living with Courtland's mother since they married in December. Well, some of that time was spent broken up, when they played house with old flames, chilled in hotel rooms with new flames, went to rehab, and ran from the law, but I digress. Anyway, TMZ reported, the incident that went down on Tuesday was the last straw for Courtland's mom and now Jenelle is no longer welcome in her home.

Jenelle was told to immediately retrieve her belongings, which were boxed and ready to go, from Courtland's mom's house once released from jail. She did as she was told, accompanied by her mother and a police officer, but the pickup was far from drama-free.​ 



The saga that is Jenelle Evans' tragic life continues to grow more tumultuous by the second. 

Yesterday Jenelle was arrested for 5 criminal charges, including heroin possession and assault. Jenelle's bail was set at $20,260. The Teen Mom 2 star has officially been bailed out of jail and was back on twitter announcing that she was quitting the tweets – again. She tweeted, "Bye Twitter." Then took to tweeting some more. So, if this was your 6th arrest at age 21, would you really be immediately hopping on social media to act like nothing is wrong?

Anyway… North Carolina's Caswell Beach Police Department Chief of Police George Kassler told Celebuzz that Jenelle's husband Courtland Rogers was also arrested. He says the police were called to the scene over a domestic dispute. "They were arrested on the street outside their dwelling," he revealed. 


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