Frankie Rosello Car Accident

We can all admit that Real Housewives of Miami was touch and go when it first aired.  Granted, it wasn’t originally supposed to be part of the Housewives franchise, but it still fell flat.  Regardless, the one Miami Housewife that brought fun, glamour, and a business-savvy edge to the show was model and local magazine mogul Alexia Echevarria.  Not to mention, she was always drama free which is a huge plus!

The sophomore season of the once floundering series is hoping to rejuvenate when it premieres on Bravo September 13th.  While there have been some housewife change-ups, the feisty Alexia will still be a fixture.  Unfortunately, due to a family tragedy, she won’t be around as much as we would hope.  Her youngest son Frankie Rosello was involved in a horrific car accident last August.  Understandably, she has chosen to devote her time to her son’s recovery, even stepping down as the head of Venue magazine in Miami.