Idiot of the Day


So our Idiot of the Day Week award goes to Adam Lind from Teen Mom 2

In case you missed it, the Teen Mom 2 star crashed his car last week. Adam, who was pulled from the wreckage by a witness, suffered a concussion. What's left of his Corvette is burnt to a crisp.  The elderly couple Adam hit suffered broken bones. All in all, they're extremely lucky to be alive, but broken bones in an 87 year old and a 94 year old are a big deal in my opinion. 

Adam, 23, has been charged with five crimes:  reckless driving, driving with a revoked license,  driving with a suspended license,  driving an unlicensed vehicle, and not having insurance.  Sioux Falls Police confirmed neither drugs nor alcohol played a part in the crash. Just stupidity.  



Today's Idiot of the Day award goes to Reza Farahan.

The last time we gave out this award, it went to Reza's Shahs of Sunset co-star, Lilly Ghalichi. Coincidence? Um, no. They're both inane egomaniacs.

In Lilly's case, she got stopped earlier this year for tweeting and driving. "I just got pulled over for tweeting and driving," tweeted Lilly. "But Officer Kashani let me go because he loves Shahs! Yay! Best cop ever!" Ugh – hardly remorseful.

In Reza's case, he appeared in traffic court last week for texting and driving. Reza's day in court started on a high note, which he bragged about on Twitter, but the day did not end well.  Oh, poor Reza Joon, said no judge ever. 


NBCUniversal's '2013 Winter TCA Tour' Day 2 at Langham Hotel

Lilly Ghalichi is the winner of our Idiot Of The Day award (that's our family-friendly version of the award's name). 

This Shahs of Sunset star raised our hopes in episode one of season 2, making us believe she was going to be all sorts of fabulous fun. By episodes 2, 3, 4 and on, we realized that she was a snotty mean girl who thinks way too highly of herself and feels better when she's looking down her nose at fatties, poor people and the like.  Her antics today just help solidify why she's a vapid twit who fits right in the world of reality TV (and we're not talkin' the fun parts of reality TV's ridiculousness). 

This is what set us off on a Lilly rant:

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