Imani Showalter fired

Um, please help me out here.  As usual, I am watching Basketball Wives: LA this season, and I knew that Imani Showalter's presence was going to be up in the air.  I can't say I'm shocked to see that she didn't return this season, as she didn't bring the drama.  However, I am totally shocked to see her Twitter profile picture (above).  Is that Imani or her daughter?  That is not the Imani I remember from last season.  Am I going crazy?  It's like that recent episode of Real Housewives of New York when an overly airbrushed Pinot Singer was confused for daughter Avery.

Anyhoo, I digress.  So Imani isn't joining the crazy ladies for a sophomore season.  Little is known about why she isn't back for round two, although there has been a lot of speculation.