Is Ben Flajnik Cheating?

While Bachelor star Ben Flajnik has denied cheating on his rumored fiancé, Courtney Robertson, we can now reveal more details… and a photo from the cheating scandal!

As we reported last Thursday, the latest issue of UsWeekly magazine revealed Ben had cheated on his fiancé from the show, with more than one woman.

And the evidence is pretty incriminating as Ben, 29, is pictured in the mag kissing multiple women on the lips in the month of February. UsWeekly reported that despite his proposal to Courtney back in November, Ben has acted like a single man, though he has yet to end his engagement.

“Ben began having issues with what he saw,” says an insider. “Instead of talking to Courtney about it, he just started avoiding her. They haven’t split, but he basically stopped talking to her. He buried his head in the sand.”

Ben has also been turning his attention to other women. Back in his hometown of San Francisco, Ben spent one weekend in mid-Febrary out with three different women, with two of them spending the night at his apartment, on two consecutive nights. “He’s drinking and hitting on women, and pretty much acting like a single guy,” reveals a local source who has seen Ben out and about.


As stated, UsWeekly backs up their claims with shocking photos of Ben kissing some of these women on the lips. In a photo taken the night of Feb. 18, Ben is seen locked in a passionate liplock with a brunette, while also grabbing her butt. The same brunette is pictured leaving his apartment the next morning.

Earlier that day, at about 2 A.M., Ben was pictured kissing a different mystery woman on the lips, outside his local Monaghan’s pub. And, after kissing the second woman, he was pictured going home with a third woman, who also spent the night at his apartment. Yikes.

The photo of Ben kissing one of the women is below!

Meanwhile, in light of this cheating scandal, he’s reportedly engaged to the show villain, Courtney, Ben is now said to be calling his time as The Bachelor, the worst experience of his life.

According to RadarOnline, Ben was heard complaining about the show during the recent taping of the Women Tell All. “Ben was talking to the producers of The Bachelor and when they asked him if he would do the show again he said ‘No way! This was the worst experience of my life,’” an insider reveals.

The source adds that Ben wasn’t acting like a guy who was happy to be engaged to the love of his life. “He wasn’t animated or excited and the insider said it is because he totally regrets going on the show,” reveals the source. “Ben couldn’t hide how miserable he was during the taping; everyone could see that he wasn’t happy.”

And finally, the Women Tell All special is set to air tonight on ABC. As we reported, Courtney will be appearing on the show, which is a first, as a finalist has never appeared on the WTA special.

As expected, Courtney faces brutal criticism from the other women who confront her on the nasty things she said about them over the season. In a preview clip released by ABC, Courtney can be seen repeatedly apologizing for her behavior and actions. A crying Courtney states, “I take it all back.” The preview clip is below!

The WTA special airs tonight on ABC at 8/7c, while the show finale will air next week.



It’s not looking good for The Bachelor‘s Ben Flajnik and his rumored fiancé, Courtney Robertson. With two shows left in the sixteenth (time flies!, no?) season, reports are already emerging that the couple is already having a rough time in the real world.

Last week, there were reports that Ben was chasing rumored runner-up Lindzi Cox after being turned off by Courtney‘s behavior on the show. This week, Us Weekly is reporting that Ben was spotted canoodling with several different women. There was even some funky dancing! Even more damning, the latest issue of the mag has photos of Ben kissing two of these mystery women on the same day–Feb. 18–at different times. Yikes.

It’s not clear how many people spilled their story, but it gets pretty detailed. The witness explains a night out, in great detail saying, “Ben seemed pretty toasted, and this woman in red pants came up to him. It looked like an altercation at first, then he kissed her on the mouth and hugged her. She wrapped her arms completely around him and embraced him. After the kiss, she walked the other way.”

While, the report says Ben left the bar with two girls, he only took one girl home, who was not the red pants girl described above, and who he had apparently met while in Las Vegas for Valentine’s Day. Is there any greater indication that Ben is cheating other than the fact he went to Las Vegas on Valentine’s Day? If your significant other is heading to the sluttiest city on earth without you on Valentine’s Day, then it’s time to break up.

Anyway, luckily our onlooker continued to observe what Ben and his friend were up to. He said, “Ben and this girl looked like they were having a good time. They were doing weird dance moves, laughing and joking.” Allegedly, the woman stayed at Ben’s apartment and even had to do a walk of shame and go home in the same clothes as the night before!

Not content with his hook up, Ben reportedly had another woman over the next night. A nosy neighbor also reported this and their grossness in a nearby park, revealing that “The woman’s hands were all over Ben’s body and his hands were on her ass the entire time.”

Let me remove that image from your memory bank by telling you why Ben is acting like a college kid on spring break. Again, it’s stressed that he just didn’t like what he saw on the show. The source explains, “Ben began having issues with what he saw. Instead of talking to Courtney about it, he just started avoiding her. They haven’t split, but he basically stopped talking to her.” I’ll have to assume he is waiting to ask Bachelor host, Chris Harrison permission to speak with her.

Despite her reputation as an ice queen, poor Courtney is heartbroken. An insider says, ““Courtney did develop feelings for Ben. She cares for him and wants to make it work. [But] Courtney is really frustrated. She’s trying to figure things out, but he isn’t talking to her.” I’d imagine anyone would be frustrated after working that hard to get a guy on national television. Ben’s close friends, who have talked to tabloids about his relationship, say that nothing has officially ended, but it’s just as well.

“They have not had a breakup talk, but it’s been very tense between them,” a source says. “She feels very disconnected from him, and he can’t stand confrontation.”

A rep for Ben has responded to the rumors in Life & Style, claiming Ben is not cheating and that a recent photo of Ben kissing another woman were misinterpreted, as well as the visits from lady friends. It turns out Ben has two male roommates and the girls may have visited them.

The statement reads: “The photo is of two friends who have known each other for years and are together in a social setting, surrounded by a group of friends. Ben did not take any girls back to his apartment alone. It was a group setting every time. Ben has never condoned cheating.”

And finally, in what is perhaps ABC’s attempt to throw off viewers, Courtney, was pictured trying on a wedding dress yesterday in Beverly Hills, with paparazzi in tow!

This is, all the more odd, as the Bachelor contestants are placed under very strict rules and guidelines, meaning there’s no way in heck ABC would allow, Courtney, a finalist, to be pictured trying on a wedding dress, a week before the finale, unless they were in on it. Some fans of the show have wondered whether Bachelor insider, Reality Steve, actually got the ending wrong this season and perhaps Lindzi Cox ends up the winner!