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Over 100,000 people – including Chris and Jacqueline Laurita, Albie and Chris Manzo and Jac's daughter Ashlee Holmes – turned out on Sunday for the 5th annual SKECHERS Pier to Pier Friendship Walk.  The event brought in over $1 million dollars for children with special needs and education. 

Jacqueline shared at the event, “My husband and I are so excited to be here and I am so grateful to have family and friends along with us today.  I wanted to thank all of you for being here in support of this amazing cause and also being here in support of each other.   It's the support of others that give us our strength, hope, and encouragement to persevere on our quest to bring out the best child that our child can be, and remind us that we are not alone.”


duck dynasty boys

Now, I'm not one to call out someone else on their convictions, but the story you are about to read is ridiculous.  Actually' I don't mean any of that.  It's my job to call out celebrities on everything from political views to fashion mishaps, and this story isn't all that crazy.  Of course, I am just qualifying that last part to prove that I really don't enjoy calling out anyone based on their beliefs.  I could go on forever with this round of circular reasoning.

It's no secret that I am a huge fan of Duck Dynasty.  The Robertson boys make me laugh, give me hope in the family unit, and, if you listen to my friends, solidify the notion that I have a definite type, and that type is anything with a beard.  It's hard for me to imagine anyone not liking this show or this family, but I'm not going to judge someone who doesn't…even if it means that someone cancels a late night talk show appearance last minute to avoid the cast.  Sticking up for what you believe in is an important character trait; however canceling last minute is just plain tacky.  :)


Kate Gosselin will do just about anything to stay in the limelight and that includes proposing a new dating show! I imagine it will be titled ‘See Kate Date’.

The former star of Kate Plus Eight just can’t let go of famewhoring, apparently!

In response to the rumors that she is wrangling for a new series, commedian Jimmy Kimmel created a glimpse of what he thinks Kate‘s new show would entail. Warning: It’s hilarious and probably not all that far from the truth!

So without further ado, please pay attention to Escape From Gosselin Island!



Oh Jimmy Kimmel, you just inched up a few slots on my cool people list.

Last night at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, the comedian made Kim Kardashian the butt of several jokes. She and pimpmomager Kris Jenner saved face by laughing when the cameras panned their way, but I’m sure they were genuinely delighted to be the center of attention.


Fans of The X Factor are still outraged following last week’s shocking elimination which sent teen favorite Rachel Crow packing!

Judge Nicole Scherzinger felt the most criticism as her decision to allow a voting deadlock when she eliminated Rachel over Marcus Canty ultimately sent Rachel packing.

See, after Rachel and Marcus — who were in the Bottom two last Thursday — sang their last chance songs, judge L.A. Reid picked Rachel to go home. Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul then voted off Marcus. This left the last and deciding vote to Nicole. Nicole, who perhaps failed to realize her duties as a judge, then stated she didn’t want to be the deciding vote and picked Rachel to send the vote into a deadlock.

Unfortunately for 13-year-old Rachel, she ended up having the least amount of votes by the public, and was sent packing. Fans of the show were livid with Nicole for her indecisiveness, that is until TMZ posted a story stating Paula was the one who told Nicole to vote off Rachel.

In a video clip obtained by TMZ, Paula can be heared whispering to Nicole, “Just let it go to a deadlock.” Which is exactly what Nicole did.

Paula is now defending herself, stating her comments were taken out of context during her Monday night appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show alongside Nicole and the other judges. Though I’m not quite sure how “just let it go to a deadlock” could be taken out of context.

“That’s how they interpreted it,” said Paula of TMZ’s spin on the video footage. “I adore [Nicole] and know what she was feeling like [having to send someone home.]” Nicole added, “In the moment and under pressure, it’s not as easy to say ‘you’re going home.’ I own the decision I made right then.”

As for Rachel, things are looking up for the teen with TMZ reporting Disney is now looking to sign her… and have already set up a meeting to go through a list of opportunities including TV, movies and radio.

Meanwhile, Rachel’s breakdown upon hearing she was eliminated from the show (she started brawling and fell to the ground) now has people questioning whether the show needs to raise its age limit as the younger ones are simply unable to deal with the public scrutiny. Another example of this was 15-year-old Astro’s meltdown a while back upon being told he was in the bottom 2. He first refused to perform before ultimately apologizing.

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Dancing With The Stars has yet to premier but Kate Gosselin is already predicting she will be victorious in the competitive dancing show.

Though admitting she really “can’t dance,” Kate remained optimistic during her Monday appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! “I am gonna win,” predicted the Jon & Kate Plus 8 mom.

Kate admitted to being competitive and named Pamela Anderson and Pussycat Dolls’ Nicole Scherzinger as her biggest competitors. Kate showed her sense of humor when she jokingly said her advantage will be having her eight children vote for her.

“[Daughter] Mady asked if she can vote for me? I said, ‘Yes, please do,'” Gosselin told Kimmmel, adding that she told “the little kids” to vote too.

However, the question most people seem to be asking is how can Kate manage doing the show in LA and taking care of her eight children? Well Kate revealed she and her dancing partner Tony Dovlani, will travel back to her Wernersville, Pa., hometown where they will be practicing in her basement when the children are at school or asleep.

Kate will then travel to Los Angles two days a week to do the actual taping of the show.

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