Lauren Solomon


This season of The Bachelor is heating up as Juan Pablo Galavis starts downsizing his flock of desperate bachelorettes!

But of course any lady that goes on reality TV is opening herself up to scrutiny – and that means all the deep, dark secrets of her salacious or devious past revealed. 

Let's see who's in it to win Juan Pablo's heart – and who's probably got one too many tricks up her sleeves (can one store tricks in sleeveless rompers, bikini tops, or strapless cocktail dresses?). 

This week Juan Pablo eliminated Elise Mosca, allegedly a first grade teacher from PA, and Lauren Solomon, a composer who desperately tried to kiss him. And it turns out that those were the right choices! 

Before she was vying for roses, Lauren was engaged to Blake DuPlant, whom she met as a contestant on the game show Minute to Win It, unfortunately the wedding was abruptly canceled!


TMZ has obtained an audio recording that shows Millionaire Matchmaker star Patti Stanger going absolutely nuts on her stylist.

According to TMZ, Patti’s swearing rampage was because the stylist Lauren Solomon didn’t bring enough clothing/styling options for Patti.

The recording is said to be from a recent NYC meeting between Patti, 49, her stylist Lauren, and a few other assistants. Sources tell TMZ Lauren was showing Patti possible outfits for some upcoming TV appearances which included a “Today” segment with Elle magazine’s Joe Zee.

Part of Patti’s 2 minute rant includes telling the stylist, “Get your f***ing feelings out of this f***ing room or you’re never going to be a stylist. This is your moment of me saying your name on the air. Nobody has ever done that for you. So why would you have me in f***ing random clothes?”

“This is Elle f**king magazine! This is the big one!! You want to fatten me up!” shrieked Patti before reminding Lauren: “I don’t wear v-necks, Lauren, because of my boobs!”

It doesn’t end there as Patti continued, “I want you to understand what you did wrong! Count the f—ing measurement to my f—ing knee! You have to learn these techniques. I can’t do this for you. It’s like when I’m matchmaking somebody – I know exactly what they want!”

Perhaps Patti’s rage stems from the recent end of her engagement to beau Andy Fieldman after being strung along for 6 years, but then again, Patti has always been a foul mouthed tactless abrasive loud mouth shrew.

The audio tape is below –