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In what is the umpteenth case of a reality TV show coming between besties, Lisa Hochstein and Joanna Krupa have gone from friends to frienemies to enemies all in the course of one little Real Housewives of Miami reunion. That's sad. 

While it is sad to lose a friend, Lisa says Joanna is no friend – and never was one! "In between the wedding and the reunion, I was able to see full episodes of the show and read Joanna’s interviews in the press. It became very clear to me she was no friend of mine," Lisa explains to WetPaint.

"You know, it’s funny. In the weeks prior to the reunion, she had started really reaching out to me again," Lisa remarks. "Looking back, I think she was just trying to play me and disarm me."


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Yikes!  Be careful what you say online about Real Housewives of Miami's Lisa Hochstein – or be prepared to pay up big! 

Lisa has filed a lawsuit against a website commenter named Jessica Lederman for making false accusations about her.  Jessica allegedly wrote comments claiming that Lisa "was an escort who also did soft porn in Vegas".  

Lisa isn't taking the remarks siting down and filed a lawsuit, asking for $15,000 in damages!  She claims that the random commenter has "damaged her reputation and threatened both her employment and social life."


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