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Stevie J

Nobody ever accused Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez of having a good relationship, but their breakup is even worse. In the latest, Stevie J is suing his pregnant ex for defamation of character.

Oh boy…Or should I say girl, because Joseline just revealed she’s having a daughter!

The former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars have been in an all-out war. Joseline is currently 6 months pregnant and it’s unclear if Stevie is the father of her unborn child (she says yes; he says no). With Stevie turning his back on her, Joseline’s hormonal rage has channeled into tweets and deletes accusing Stevie of being a devil-worshiping, gay porn addict, who has molested Eva, the daughter he shares with Mimi Faust. And we thought a non-hormonal Joseline was vitriolic.


Stevie J with daughter outside courthouse

Stevie J still can’t get it together with his child support payments or his addiction issues. After violating probation in his child support case, the judge ordered him to a 30-day in-patient rehab facility in lieu of jail time. 

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star owes over $1 million in child support and overdue fines and payments for two of his children, and has been battling the government over his negligence. 



Ew. Actually, ew is an understatement. This gossip takes vile and disgusting to an entirely different level. If it’s true, there is a special place in hell for the “adults” (I use that term loosely as it implies some form of responsibility and culpability) in this situation. If it’s not true (and I hope to God it’s not), Joseline Hernandez, who fancies herself the Puerto Rican Princess from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta needs serious help for fabricating such claims. Let’s be honest, she, Stevie J, and Mimi Faust all need serious help even if this story never existed. 

The trio was entangled in a drama-filled, ratchet love triangle that was the story line for several seasons of LLHATL, spawning a spin-off for Stevie and Joseline and a lucrative homemade porn video for Mimi. Granted, Stevie is never going to win any awards for Father of the Year (he allegedly owes over a million dollars in child support to an ex), but Joseline’s accusations against her now estranged husband (and the father of her unborn child) are infinitely worse. She’s calling him out as a child molester, accusing him of inappropriate behavior with daughter Eva…and accusing Mimi of turning a blind eye. I can’t. 


Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 Cast

The powers that be at VH1 are tired of the stale, overly amped up, trashy, and frankly frightening drama that dominates Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and are considering of starting over with a completely new cast.

Reports say even K. Michelle, Stevie J, Joseline, and Mimi Faust have been fired, as the network scrambles to take the show off the crazy train. With the cast continually engaged in nastier and nastier feuding, network execs and producers are fed up. The reunion is filming today or tomorrow, and will weigh heavily into the decision of who stays – if anyone. “Best Behavior” – whatever that means to Joseline, etc. – is to be expected!


Kandi Burruss 40th In Bahamas

Kandi Burruss is going all out to celebrate her 40th birthday– and she wasn’t alone! Kandi and several of her reality TV friends with May/June birthdays took a big trip to the Bahamas, bringing along spouses, kids, and personal assistants!

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta star was joined by friends Rasheeda Frost, Shamea Morton, Monyetta Shaw, Toya Wright and many more!

Photos of the Taurus/Gemini Bahamas Birthday Turn-up are below! 


Joseline Hernandez

Lest you believe Joseline Hernandez‘s new music video “Church” is an ode to being fixed by Jesus (or Jesus at all), it’s actually a lyrically gifted treatise (*sarcasm) about she herself being the church, the steeple, and everything in between. Apparently her dance moves and booty are so mesmerizing they inspire religious devotion, or something.  

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star personifies divine greatness by telling “daddy” she must go to work – work being a metaphor for what Joseline (and her ass) will give a man. All preached while rolling around the rocky beaches in a bikini, praising the Lord for her own fabulosity. 


Stevie J & Joseline Go Hollywood Premiere

Last night was the premiere of Stevie J and Joseline Hernadez‘s spinoff show, Stevie J and Joseline Go Hollywood

It’s been rumored that the tumultuous Love & Hip Hop Atlanta couple split after filming wrapped –  Joseline bleached $40,000 worth of his clothes and shoes, plus destroyed vintage Bad Boy records memorabilia and Versace china in a jealous rage over Stevie working with Faith Evans – but they were very much together at last night’s premiere party, held at Atlanta’s Twelve. 











Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta’s fiery pair Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J. are at it yet again.  Stevie J. has aired his dirty laundry so to speak for all to see but bleach is actually the culprit.  And at whose hands?  The award-winning music dynamo videoed an extensive array of clothing, shoes and other belongings that had been damaged by bleach.  It seems Stevie J. is pointing the finger of blame at his ‘wife’ Joseline whose perhaps out-of-control jealousy made her go bonkers with a bleach container.  Joseline however is denying, she had anything to do with the damages because she “loves” her ‘husband.’

Stevie J. told the celeb news outlet, he had been working diligently in the studio with R&B songstress Faith Evans and alluded to the fact that Joseline might have been jealous.  When the former Bad Boys Records “hitman” arrived home, he was thrown for a loop when he discovered, his clothing and furnishings had been trashed and bleached and the suspect who immediately came to mind was Joseline.  Among those ruined items:  a vintage $10,000 Bad Boy jacket that was gifted to him by mega music mogul Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, $40,000 worth of clothing, $15,000 worth of Versace china and thousands of dollars worth of sneakers/shoes.  In addition, Stevie J. claims his estranged missus also destroyed several of his children’s Christmas gifts.

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