Michelle Bernstein

The first season of the Real Housewives of Miami comes to an end tonight on Bravo at 10/9c.

Following a so-so freshman season, it seems the MIA ladies will be going out with a bang during the super-sized 1 hour and 30 minutes finale episode.

On the finale titled “Mama Knows Best,” Marysol hosts a dinner party, inviting all the ladies plus her mother, Elsa. But Elsa stirs the pot by cutting down Larsa, putting the dinner drama at a high boil. Elsewhere, Alexia promotes her son’s career as a model; and Lea crafts a dinner plan with chef Michelle Bernstein.


And while most of the housewives appear to be unhappy with their “characters” on the show, Marysol Patton, a fan favorite according to our poll, is pleased with the way the season went. “I don’t like to pick on people; I pick on myself,” said Marysol to the Miami Herald on how she managed to stay out of the drama.

When it comes to tonight’s finale, Marysol promises it will not disappoint. “Things really get defined as to who doesn’t like who. The lines are drawn in the sand. Even I have an opinion,” she said.

Cristy Rice is however voicing her disappointment with Bravo for only focusing on the gala crashing, according to her. “Unlike the other 5 girls they NEVER showed you MY business (BriBri Boutique of which i have had for over 10 years) nor any scenes with my family or my friends. SIMPLY TIX DRAMA. Not very cool but it is what it is!!!” wrote Cristy on her facebook. Photos of Cristy and her kids, who never appeared on the show, are below. According to reports, Cristy’s ex-husband Glen Rice did not allow his kids to be taped.

There are also rumors and rumblings that Larsa Pippen is very upset with her portrayal on the show, which rivaled that of Camille Grammer on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In fact, Larsa has missed numerous key promotional events for the show including her most recent scheduled appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

When it comes to a second season, Bravo has yet to make a decision. WWHL is off the air tonight and airing next week will be the first ever live reunion show for the Miami housewives!


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Following a so-so season on Top Chef All Stars, Tiffany Derry was eliminated on the most recent episode of the show.

In a new interview with TV Guide, Tiffany talks getting booted, why she thought her dish was great, and touches on that whole Black Hammer curse. Excerpts are below –

Did you have any feeling that you were getting booted?
Tiffany Derry:
It was such a mixed thing. I didn’t know who it would be. I definitely knew the issue of cold and hot. When they straight-out asked me, “Was it supposed to be cold?” I was like, “No, not cold. Please don’t say it was cold.” At least say it was lukewarm. Sometimes there’s a little exaggeration between cold and warm, so you never really know, but I was like, “No!” And there are other issues [for Richard and Antonia]. When someone says something is raw or undercooked, then it’s like, [the elimination] could be based on a technical issue or a [temperature] issue. You never really know. … I didn’t know how to read the whole thing. I felt like my dish was good. I really enjoyed it and I think I said that. To go home on a dish that you like is better than going home on a dish that you know you could’ve done better on.

After the weather this week and the fire last week, do you think you guys should have the best equipment at your disposal in the finals?
I don’t know. I think this made it much more interesting. We cook with great tools in our restaurants every day; that’s the norm. To put us outside of our comfort zone with different machines and all of that is kind of cool.

You and Antonia won the Quickfire and then you got eliminated. Do you believe in the Black Hammer curse?
[Laughs] I know! But see, the Black Hammer is supposed to [strike] when you’re cooking with her, when you’re on the same team. So I don’t know what happened. [It took effect] on the next challenge. You know what’s weird about this challenge too? I was going to make the dish Antonia ended up making. We’re on the same wavelength sometimes. It’s kind of crazy. I was going to do a pan-seared fish and the conch ceviche on the top. My other idea was to wrap the fish in banana leaves and still do the conch ceviche. I found out Mike was doing banana leaves, so I’m like, “Freak!” I was freaking out! Then I heard Antonia describe her dish and I was like, “Oh my God! I’m doing the same dish everyone’s doing!” So [my soup] was the third option.

What are you up to now?
I am building a restaurant in Dallas. It’s called Private Social. Traveling a little bit, doing a lot of cooking demonstrations.

In other Top Chef news, judge Tom Colicchio and wife Lori Silverbush welcomed baby boy Mateo Lev Colicchio on Tuesday at 12:11PM in New York City.

According to a rep for the couple, both mother and baby are doing well. Mateo is Tom’s third son, as he also has a 19-month old son, Luka Bodhi, with Lori and 17-year-old Dante from a previous relationship.

And finally, it’s one week before the finale and on tonight’s new episode, the three remaining chefs fashion a challenge for their fellow contestants in Season 8’s final Quickfire. Then, they dish up a “last supper” for celebrity chefs Masaharu Morimoto, Wolfgang Puck and Michelle Bernstein. It airs tonight on Bravo at 10/9c.