Paris Hilton music

Paris Hilton River Viiperi

Paris Hilton is back!  Well, sort of. 

The former reality TV queen has been off the radar for far too long as she hides out doing rich girl things and learns to DJ and works on new music.  Paris collaborated with Lil Wayne on her newest single "Good Time" and just released the music video for it. 

If there's anyone who can ease my Kardashian suffering, it's Paris.  Oh I've missed her so (and never thought I'd utter those words!).  And I mean that.  Paris was a permanent fixture on the paparazzi radar and in the media, but nowadays she's barely seen anymore.  She just pops up here and there at events and has continued on with her life..doing her thing and never taking herself super seriously.  Unlike those certain other reality starlets who just don't give us a minute of rest before the next story, photo, or famewhore move pops up online. Kudos to Paris for knowing when to step back. long has it been since Paris and Nicole Richie graced our screen? (God how I wanted that pink truck!)  I vote for a Simple Life reunion special of sorts.  Just for old times' sake.