June Shannon appears on Extra.

One of the most horrifying reality TV stories we’ve ever had to report is the shocking case of Mama June rekindling her romance with Mark McDaniel, the man who spent 10 years in prison for molesting her then 8-year-old daughter Anna (“Chickadee”) Cardwell. This week Anna revealed that as an elementary school student when she initially told June about Mark abusing her, June did not believe her, but luckily a school teacher did and Mark spent 10 years in prison for child molestation.

Upon his release June has seemingly reignited their flame, dumping Sugar Bear, resulting in TLC pulling the plug on the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo empire! June certainly is giving up a lot for tainted love – including the possibility of losing custody of her three minor children: Chubs (17), Pumpkin (14), and Honey herself, Alana. June has introduced Alana, 9, to Mark and the two were photographed together. 

Now details from the police report and trial of Mark McDaniel have emerged revealing the absolutely horrific abuses he enacted against Anna, who was SO brave for coming forward and telling the adults in her life what she was going through. Anna initially told an elementary school teacher, who shocked by the graphic and very specific details of Anna’s story, immediately alerted authorities. 


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The saga of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo just gets sadder and sadder. Last week TLC canceled the show after Mama June was allegedly discovered dating convicted sex offender Mark McDaniel.

Mama June denied their relationship and insisted she would never do anything to hurt her kids. But here’s where it gets extremely shocking and upsetting. It turns out June’s eldest daughter Anna (Chickadee) is the one Mark molested! Mark spent 10 years in prison for forcing an 8-year-old to perform oral sex on him. 

Initially it was reported that Mark molested a relative of June’s, but Anna is now speaking out and naming herself as the victim. Even more upsetting, there is photographic proof that Mark, now a registered sex offender, has had contact with June’s 9-year-old daughter Alana Thompson since his release from prison in March. 



If you learn anything important from TLC (and why wouldn't you?  It's The Learning Channel for goodness' sake!), it should be that you don't mess with June Shannon.  The Here Comes Honey Boo Boo matriarch may be a fierce mama bear when it comes to protecting her colorful brood.  That said, she's just as quick to call them out for bad behavior!

Those of you who admit to watching the show (and those of you who watch it in secret and silently giggle while reading Sugar Bear's one-liners) know that middle daughter Pumpkin (not to be confused with the slightly older Chubbs) often uses negative behavior to gain recognition among her loud and crazy family members.  She has complained in the past that she isn't thrilled with the attention she's garnered in her life outside of the hit reality show.  While Pumpkin has complained of being the victim of bullies, it seems that she's taken on the role of mean girl.