Real Housewive of New York


Wow! The nonsense with Real Housewives of New York is getting out of control!

It's already been reported that Pinot Singer got loaded and threatened to run off with the entire WWHL bar if Andy didn't pay her more, to which he laughed dangled a chilled pinot in front of her nose, and led her straight to his attorney's office where she signed on the dotted line. Translation: she tried to hold out for more money, was denied, and then finally agreed at the last minute to come back when Bravo didn't take the bait. 

Well, now it seems ALL the ladies are making some big-time salary demands! And for the first time in recorded history the cast is getting along as they band together in a standoff with producers and Bravo! The show is supposed to begin filming Monday, but the cast is reportedly refusing to show up to work unless their salaries are upped according to TMZ!