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Who is Heidi F–king Dillon and why am I supposed to be excited to see her? Because, so far, the only thing exciting about her is how absolutely ridiculously seriously she takes herself by dressing like T. Payne one minute and a Stevie Nicks impersonator the next. I was excited about Fritos though. Because as the ladies of Real Housewives Of Dallas reminded us, who doesn’t love Fritos?!

The episode was not all Heidi F–king Dillon and LeeAnne Locken looking incredibly pleased as punch that Heidi decided to enact a raging vendetta against Cary Deuber for no apparent reason. (Is she jealous of Cary’s yogi-ness?!) Brandi Redmond is dealing with a family tragedy – her brother returned from active duty in Afghanistan and is battling with some serious PTSD. Despite his family’s best efforts to get him help, he ended up trying to take his own life by overdosing. Brandi confides in Stephanie Hollman, who is shocked, but obviously supportive. With Brandi and Bryan having major issues, Brandi values her friendship with Stephanie more than ever.  



Judging by the preview clips, tonight’s episodes of Southern Charm and Real Housewives of Dallas are going to be doozies. Just the way we like them!

Craig Conover ticks off his friends, especially Whitney Sudler-Smith, when he reveals Kathryn Dennis’s bombshell “relationship with Whitney” information from three seasons ago. When he shares his theory about the two of them, Cameran and Whitney are the most vocal and riled up over it. Will it ruin the rest of their group trip?

Marie, Tiffany, LeeAnne - RHOD textgate

Real Housewives Of Dallas star Marie Reyes is putting Tiffany Hendra on blast. Apparently Tiffany’s “soul sister” act with LeeAnne Locken is just that – an act! After Tiffany and LeeAnne ‘twin power’ confronted Marie over negative texts she sent abut LeeAnne – complete with so-called “evidence” – Marie released her own unedited texts which shows that Tiffany was very much a part of slamming about LeeAnne’s outrageous behavior.

So, was Marie’s version of the texts shown to us by God, or is only LeeAnne who has access to GodT&T Wireless? 

“When someone brings text evidence but leaves out their part in it. But you have it all,” tweeted Marie. Already bringing evidence = reunion insanity!

While Marie may have perched on her sofa with a barbed wire fence on her head as LeeAnne was so NOT having a nervous breakdown, she’s not maintaining her composure anymore! 



I have no idea why anyone likes LeeAnne Locken. I’m looking at you, Tiffany Hendra, an apparent saint considering her kindness and loyalty thus far on Real Housewives of Dallas. LeeAnne is not nice to anyone and it seems like she uses charity to advance her own social standing. The other RHOD ladies agree with my sentiments since they have all been talking about and coming for LeeAnne.

I was hoping that it was a misunderstanding and LeeAnne secretly has a heart of gold or something like that, but that is clearly not the case. I have no idea why LeeAnne is so vicious, but she is always going after these women and it’s scary AF. She even had the nerve to detail how each of them has marriage problems and that that they take these issues out on her. The woman is definitely reaching. This is worse than when she said that God showed her Marie Reyes‘s text messages when it was clearly Tiffany who printed them out for her. I’m pretty sure God has better things to do than reach out to LeeAnne about a former friend who can’t stand her.


Brandi cries over Bryan

Last night’s Real Housewives Of Dallas needed a Prozac. Brandi Redmond is down in the dumps because her marriage is basically a jar of Ragu Marinara she can’t open. All she wants is some drama-free spaghetti. Instead, she’s stuck begging, over speakerphone, for permission for her love to open the door to Bryan’s heart

Also, LeeAnne Locken just straight-up exhausts me! She’s the type of person who demands total reconnaissance of your time as her soul soldier. Once you’re in a relationship with LeeAnne, it’s your responsibility to make up for all the tragedies of her childhood. Tiffany Hendra is in it so deep, she doesn’t even know how to come up for air, look around, and realize holy hell – I’m out here in Antarctica, where everything is as frozen as my Botoxed-face. LeeAnne is just SO MUCH WORK.


Southern Charm - NC trip

Tonight Bravo heads down south with new episodes of Southern Charm and Real Housewives Of Dallas

First on Southern Charm, in a new episode titled “Blue Ridge Mountain Blues,” Kathryn Dennis finally finds a friend when Craig Conover attempts to discover where the We Hate Kathryn Klub originated. As with all things Kathryn (or Thomas Ravenel) it proves more trouble than it’s worth!



Real Housewives of Dallas has only aired a few episodes so far and it’s already blatantly clear that LeeAnne Locken is playing the “villain” role. With the exception of Tiffany Hendra, most of the women seem to be against her at this point. Brandi Redmond is the most vocal with her disdain for LeeAnne and the dislike is mutual.

So it is not at all shocking that Brandi took the time to talk about LeeAnne’s behavior during the explosive RHOD episode. The confrontation between LeeAnne….and pretty much the entire cast was definitely not a good look for her. Sure, we all have our moments, but that was definitely an extreme one. So it’s no shock that Brandi took the opportunity to react to her rival’s behavior in this week’s episode.



I am really hoping that LeeAnne Locken will end up being the next Camille Grammer. It’s hard to recall, but in the first season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills everyone hated Camille and pretty much every fight involved her in some way. After that, she became one of the most beloved Real Housewives of all time. And this is what I want for LeeAnne.

As of this moment, LeeAnne has that first part down. She is at the center of pretty much every controversy during this first season of Real Housewives of Dallas. It seems like there is a good person in there, but I’m very confused by her behavior in social settings and very taken aback by her explosive behavior in this week’s episode. Instead of just owning up to what happened in her blog and apologizing for going off the rails, LeeAnne just tries to explain why she acted the way she did (transfer responsibility for her own actions onto others). 


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