At this point the Real Housewives of Dallas cast is split into two distinct sides. Last year all of the ladies hated on LeeAnne Locken. Now that D’Andra Simmons and Kameron Westcott joined the cast they are on the same side of schism as LeeAnne with Cary Deuber, Brandi Redmond, and Stephanie Hollman on the other.

Even though D’Andra joined the cast as a friend of LeeAnne’s she also has no problem telling LeeAnne the truth, even if it’s not what she wants to hear. She also has no issue sharing her opinions about the rest of the cast, especially Brandi.



The focus of Season 2 of Real Housewives of Dallas has been the feud between besties Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman. They patched things up during the last episode though so now that the only main story line has wrapped up, Brandi has moved on to calling out the other cast members for their behavior.

So far, Brandi has been leaning on LeeAnne Locken for support, but now that she is back in action with Stephanie, that is bound to change- especially after LeeAnne dressed as “Two Face” for Halloween in an ode to Stephanie. Brandi has a lot to say about LeeAnne’s costume and the two new girls in the cast: D’Andra Simmons and Kameron Westcott.

Stephanie Hollman sits down with Brandi Redmond

It had to be tough for Stephanie Hollman to watch the Real Housewives of Dallas episodes where she and bestie Brandi Redmond were not on good terms. It also couldn’t have been easy for Stephanie to see enemy LeeAnne Locken filling in as Brandi’s confidant while they were feuding.

Ironically enough, Stephanie actually turned to Brandi to help her get through the episodes where they were at odds and they seem to be stronger friends for it. As for Stephanie and LeeAnne, they still can’t stand each other and nothing has changed between the two of them.


Usually the mention of a Real Housewives vacation incites thoughts of grown women fighting over which room they get to sleep in at a mansion, explosive arguments at group dinners, or even a wild turn up. In all honesty, these trips seem more exhausting than relaxing, so it is no surprise that the Housewives seem to be a million times more relaxed when they take vacations in their real lives away from the cast.

Most of the Real Housewives escaped from real life to enjoy the long Labor Day Weekend with their friends and families.


After LeeAnne Locken and Cary Deuber got into the most random argument about D’Andra Simmons’ wedding during the first Real Housewives of Dallas reunion, it just made sense for her to join the cast. If attending D’Andra’s wedding is actually a status symbol in Dallas, then she really needed to be on this show to make it legit. Plus let’s be honest: Season 1 wasn’t the best start for a Real Housewives show. The addition of D’Andra could only help.

D’Andra joining this show is a logical move for series. She actually has preexisting relationships within the cast and there is something authentic about her signing up instead of a random. Even so, it wasn’t the easiest move for D’Andra to make since apparently there were a lot of people in Dallas who had a problem with it.


For the most part, Cary Deuber has stayed out of the drama on Real Housewives of Dallas so far this season. The only thing that really sticks out is that awkwardly tense video shoot with her husband Mark Deuber who is not happy that she is focusing on her home life instead of their practice.

Other than that, Cary has been Stephanie Hollman’s shoulder lean on in the midst of her feud with Brandi Redmond. So obviously Cary took issue with LeeAnne dressing up as “Two Face” for Halloween in an effort to upset Stephanie.

LeeAnne Locken Two Face Costume

When Season 2 of Real Housewives of Dallas started, it was surprising to see Brandi Redmond all buddy buddy with LeeAnne Locken since they were at odds for all of the first season. An even more shocking turn of events was the fact that Brandi and her ride or die Stephanie Hollman hadn’t spoken for months. That was definitely surprising.

Brandi and Stephanie made up on the last episode before LeeAnne decided to dress “as Stephanie” in a Two Face costume even though her therapist insisted that she not do that. Now LeeAnne is nervous about the effect of Stephanie and Brandi’s reconciliation on her newfound relationship with Brandi.

Stephanie Hollman sits down with Brandi Redmond

Stephanie Hollman‘s second season of Real Housewives Of Dallas is off to a poopy start – she’s feuding with her BFF Brandi Redmond, still dealing with LeeAnne Locken, and being forced into renovating the house from hell.

However, after surviving her first season and temporarily losing a close friendship with BrandiStephanie is trying to stay sane in the Bravo Universe.

“It’s really hard to be vulnerable on something that’s meaningful,” Stephanie says of her sit-down with Brandi. “Like the first few weeks of filming, I felt like I was gonna have a nervous breakdown because […] it was important and it was an emotional thing. I was so worried that I was gonna screw everything up by putting it out there with her because you know with cameras on you everything is so heightened, so it was scary.”