To be honest, I really don’t get what Siggy Flicker expected to get out of being a cast member on Real Housewives of New Jersey. She’s all about being the peacemaker, but that is not what we want from this show.

Nevertheless, I am not surprised that Siggy requested for the ladies to come in for group hug at the end of the reunion. I have no idea if she and Dolores Catania are going to be back next season, since they didn’t really contribute to the story lines, but they’re capitalizing on Housewives experience while they can and they want to do public appearances – together – of course.



No one saw the truce between Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga coming. They absolutely hated each for many seasons of Real Housewives of New Jersey, but now they seem to be a solid united front. A lot of people (mainly Jacqueline Laurita) have questioned the authenticity of their alliance, but the sisters-in-law have been insistent that their relationship is genuine and strong.

This was very clear during the reunion since the two sat on the same couch and went to bat for each other against Jacqueline. The reunion ended with the whole cast engaging in a group hug after a promise to be peaceful in the future. It seems far-fetched that a show centered around controversy between women will actually have women who are moving forward on peaceful terms, but Melissa seems very committed to that – at least when it comes to her relationship with Teresa. Her relationship with Jacqueline is a whole other story.


NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 09: TV Personality Ramona Singer attends the Philippe Chow Golden Revolution at Philippe Chow on November 9, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Lars Niki/Getty Images for Philippe Chow)

Let’s kick off our Monday with an all new reality star sightings roundup! Ramona Singer stepped out to attend the Philippe Chow Golden Revolution at Philippe Chow

Val Chmerkovskiy and his Dancing with the Stars partner Laurie Hernandez stopped by the Extra studios, while Bethenny Frankel was spotted out and about in NYC.
Teresa Giudice and her daughters attended a special runway show and Milania was one of the runway models! Teresa also spent some time in Florida promoting a clothing store and her most recent book.
Also snapped by photographers: Terra Jole, Christy McGinty-Gibel, JoJo Siwa, Rachel Zoe, and many more! Check them out in the gallery below.

Teresa Vs. Jacqueline

As someone who has written about the exploits and shenanigans of Real Housewives for many moons, Real Housewives Of New Jersey is the only show which leaves me emotionally exhausted.

On one level, it’s a nod to their ability to remain raw in front of the cameras, years after years of doom and gloom fighting. However, on the other side, their lack of self-awareness means season after season after season someone – Teresa Giudice, usually – is gonna be accused of a maelstrom of denial that the other ladies have no idea they are also wallowing in. So sometimes you need 5 Xanax – maybe 10! – to get through it.


Teresa Giudice with her mom and daughters

With Joe Giudice in prisonTeresa Giudice is abandoning her infamous Christmas Eve celebration – site of the infamous Sprinkle Cookie Mysteries! – for a new tradition with Joe and Melissa Gorga. Let’s hope some furtive fambly member doesn’t throw whatever cookies Teresa in the trash.

“Being home is just kind of going to be sad, so I didn’t want to be home,” explains Teresa, “because it’s just us.”



This season Melissa Gorga attempted to shift her attention from family feuds and petty drama to building envy and making amends with Teresa Giudice. Now that she’s changed her priorities, Melissa sees former friend Jacqueline Laurita for exactly who she is.

“This season I definitely found my voice, although I’m not sure that voice was heard much at the reunion,” begins Melissa. “I think my face says it all. I look completely disgusted, and I am.”



Teresa Giudice has a lot to explaining to do after the Real Housewives Of New Jersey reunion! She’s too good for a Ford?! Jacqueline Laurita called the FEDS on her?! Oh my…

In her blog Teresa clarifies why “Jacqueline is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

But first, the Ford comment! Teresa and Juicy actually currently OWN a Ford, so duh – she would drive one for sure! Especially since Juicy can’t legally drive. But exactly how many cars do these so-called bankrupt individuals possess?


Real Housewives of New Jersey ratings - Kim DePaola

Kim D constantly stirs things up on Real Housewives of New Jersey and in some weird way I love her for that. I like how we don’t actually have to get to know Kim D or hear anything about her family/personal life, but she just comes in to cause drama and let the other ladies clean it up. I would be afraid to cross her in real life, but as a viewer, I really live for her appearances.

Now that Kim is no longer a Teresa Giudice soldier, she is coming for Tre and her new BFF Melissa Gorga. Did you really think that part 1 of the RHONJ reunion would air without Kim sharing her thoughts? Of course not. Kim D is a card carrying member of Jacqueline Laurita’s squad now and she is spilling all of the tea. Honestly, I can never tell if she is telling the truth or if she is just making things up to get attention, but Kim D is always doing what she can to be a part of the conversation.