Photo courtesy of Kathryn Dennis

Photo courtesy of Kathryn Dennis

On tonight’s Southern Charm, Landon throws herself a party to show all of her friends that her travel website ROAM was a real thing, and was ready to launch, only to have an unlikely source take the proverbial wind out of her sails. Landon’s former crush, Shep Rose shows up at the party, only to take Landon aside, and ask her if she said some snobby, pretentious things to the friends of his with a real online business, that Landon dismissed as unprofessional. And instead of a mea culpa for acting badly, Landon steps outside her sweet persona, and tells Shep to go f**k himself, and leaves her own party.

Fast forward six months, and Kathryn Dennis has quite a few things to say about Landon, who last week said Kathryn went to a certain rehab facility to “find her next victim,” and “meet wealthy men.”

“Obviously, I wasn’t invited to the party,” says Kathryn. “But considering that there has never been anything on the site for the public to access, I think the party was a fraud, to try and convince Thomas, or other ‘wealthy men’ that Landon actually had a business, or a least a job.”