Sarah Emeril Lagasse Top Chef

We’re not out of the woods yet with Top Chef Texas! Like our beloved housewives, Top Chef also gets the reunion treatment, only the difference is the cheftestants don’t wear Loubies and there’s a distinct lack of satin prom-style dresses among them. But still, omnipresent Andy Cohen makes them all hang out together and relive all their old fights, because they’re contractually obligated to show up.

The most exciting piece of information to come out of the reunion was the rumor that Sarah told judge Emeril Lagasse to “eff off” during a heated moment. Per Andy, this was a rumor from the crew. Sarah claims she doesn’t remember saying that, but the camera immediately pans to an awkward “yikes!” look by fellow judge Tom Collicchio, indicating the rumor is most likely true. Sarah begins to cry, like we are supposed to feel bad for her, and starts rambling about how much she loves Emeril.


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