Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell

Teen Mom shocker: Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are living separately. On October 22, Tyler moved to New Orleans to pursue his dream of social working being a movie star. Simply put, Tyler says, "It's time for me to focus on my dreams." And, according to Tyler, New Orleans has a "thriving movie scene."

So, Catelynn is on her own in Michigan. To pass the time, she attends Baker College, shares Twitpics, saves pregnant teens, and (now) fends off break up rumors. Catelynn insists that she and Tyler are "stronger than ever." She shares, “I love him, and I need to stand by him.”

Catelynn feels the need to add, “It’s not like we’re going to go out and cheat on each other. We’re not like that." To reinforce Catelynn's statement, Tyler adds, "We're two peas in a pod." Catelynn and Tyler have been through a lot together – an unplanned pregnancy, placing Carly for adoption, drug addicted parents, becoming step brother and sister – and are to be married in July. Wil their relationship survive this separation? 


Teen Mom star Catelynn Lowell definitely put those baby rumors to rest! The reality star has gone through a major weight loss!

Catelynn and her fiance Tyler Baltierra took to Twitter to show off her new slim figure!  Catelynn writes, “Ohhhh look at me now!!!” and Tyler gushed over her new figure, too.  Tyler posted the shot of her in the red tank top with “See her now! ‪#freakingloveher”.

Catelynn should be proud, she looks fantastic!  I wonder if she’ll share what successful plan she used to achieve her weight loss.  I’m thinking she did it the old fashion way – with diet and exercise.  Catelynn Tweeted that she’s been hitting the gym.  “At the gym! #feelingsexyandfree”.